First of all, the latest discovery in Utah makes 2010 a record-breaking year for new dino discoveries in the state: 8 new species this year! And this one sounds awesome:

Had Utah’s newest dinosaur not gone extinct, it might have evolved into a highly intelligent creature, scientists speculate.

“Its skull is six times larger than other dinosaurs’,” said Scott Foss, regional paleontologist with the Bureau of Land Management.

But Geminiraptor suarezarum’s large brain case is not its only unique feature. It had an inflatable upper jaw bone and feathers on its arms and legs, and, as Utah’s eighth new dinosaur species of the year, it’s a record breaker, too, for the number of Utah-native species named in one year.

Clever girl! (You can see a photo of its skull here.)

Second, Matt Smith, aka The Eleventh Doctor, may redeem himself with me yet.:

The actor - who plays the Time Lord in the BBC One sci-fi series - explained if money were no object his dream storyline would be for his character to travel back in time in his TARDIS to visit the pre-historic creatures.

Best. Doctor Who. EVER.