My spell at The Stranger is up, Sloggers. I know, I know, but HOLD YOUR TEARS. It's time for me to parachute into my next assignment as a paid agent of the Koch Brothers-financed revolutionary libertarian vanguard. Some of you are probably doing backflips at this news. Others will have lost the primary motivation in your life.

Just now, Dominic and Cienna asked me, "Has toiling for free under the well-worn boot of tax-happy, social-service-loving leftists these past five months changed your thinking about the restorative powers of government?"

Well, Cienna and Dom, I pride myself on being an open-minded truth-seeker. I tiptoed through many -isms before reaching my present one. But has my thinking changed since I arrived?

Fuck no. Sorry, but I didn't find much of the economically illiterate, morally bankrupt shit you guys were peddling to be persuasive. The one person who may have changed my thinking was Paul Constant, and that was only in regards to the rhetorical usage of "rape." (Sorry about that.)

I am and will remain a market anarchist. I am and will hopefully not remain an unemployed writer. Get in touch with me at my personal blog. (Updates coming soon, I promise!)

So my infallible logic remains unscathed, but the more important question is, did I change any entrenched minds out there in Slog land?