Still: nice font and correct spelling. Every cloud...
I bet you went out drinking with Charles last night.
It's San Francisco. That explains everything.
It would be nice to just call it a "restroom" or a "toilet," but it's reassuring to indicate gender-neutrality since many public restrooms still discriminate based on gender, and those restrooms are not safe for many people.

There's a huge national database for gender-neutral restrooms called "Safe2pee."
I just used Safe2Pee to locate the nearest gender-neutral restroom to my parents. It's over 200 miles away, but fortunately it is where I attend university. If I can just hold my bladder until the new year...
Some alternative suggestions:
'Anyone can use this bathroom'
'All-inclusive bathroom'
'The People's Bathroom'
"You can use this bathroom if you promise not to pee on the floor."
I thought only words could have gender...
I first read this as a notification from "The Gender" (presumably the name of the establishment), notifying its customers that its free restroom was closed for painting.

You really shouldn't put whitespace around your hyphens, else they start looking like an emdash.
Still in San Francisco, clearly...
"Free," when used after a word, means "doesn't have," like "Honey, I'm STI free!" Right? So how could "Gender-free" mean all-inclusive? And how do you know bathrooms don't have genders? That's mighty bathroom-ist of you.

PS As a Xmas present to slog, pretty please post a Youtube video of yourself "slightly tipsy," I'm betting it would be a gem...
Free your gender in the open-painted restroom.
Good point. In that vein, I'd like to propose that we start calling them "bisexual toilets" or "sexless toilets".
I'm all for single toilet washrooms being gender free, but in, say a club or a bar? Do I really want to share a restroom with drunken men? ya, not really. You know who wouldn't find gender neutral toilets great? All the muslim girls at my uni. Not so great. It would be nice to have one or two here or there, but the idea that all toilets being 'gender-free', I haven't heard any evidence to sway me to thinking that's a goo idea.
The co-ed bathrooms in my college were rarely sex-free.
Goes to show the universal principle: when signage makes too much of an effort to be nice, anyone who's not Canadian or Scandinavian is going to lash out. The "Don't Come In" (pioneered by Re-Bar and copied by Cha-Cha) remains the paragon of how to do it.

P.S. Canuck, I have to say I can live without a selfvid of Dan, slightly tipsy, looking for somewhere in SF to drop a deuce.
Love the cookie recipe today, Dan.

Also, what Caralain said @13.
The identity politics of the 90's are alive (or at least undead) in SF.
Ew, gus! I didn't mean of the bathroom stuff, oik! I was thinking sitting at a table, making jokes, doing a little upper-body dancing when "Bad Girls" comes on...
It should have said, "Our all-inclusive pooper is closed for maintenance."
(Canuck, I know you didn't! I couldn't help the purposeful twisting to get at my lame joke, is all....)
gus, your jokes are nevah lame. They are completely fabulous, always.
@6 - ha ha! Yes, y es... the Bundesbathroom!
@8 - Yeh, poor hyphen placement.
@12 - Sex-free toilets! No, waitwaitwait, that's no fun...

FWIW, My work has "Gender Neutral" toilets and Women's toilets. Just those two. I feel kinda proud using the Gender Neutral toilets all the time. :)
@13 Please never use the word "goo" when talking about a bathroom. Even if it was a mistake. Thank you.
What the fook wrong with "shitter", princess?
@ 23 as long as you stop referring to washrooms as bathrooms... unless seattle is WAY more progressive than I thought!
It was on the edge of the page so I didn't notice, and trusty spell checka thinks goo is indeed a word. henceforth, I shall attempt to keep 'goo' out of my bathroom discussions.
Damnit, why hasn't the White House solved this gender-free bathroom painting problem already!
@26 good to see you here, aac.

padawan mike
I have never understood gender-identified restrooms...most of us share restrooms with both sexes in our homes, why not elsewhere? If it's a cleanliness issue, that's an entirely separate issue from the gender of the people using the restroom.

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