“I hate violence. I hate war,” Sarah wrote in an email

Unless god says otherwise.
So, she's melted down all her guns and beaten them into plowshares, right?


I must have hit refresh on the Glenn Beck Website 30 times, and I could not get that picture to come up. Was it real?
An attack on Failin' Palin could "bring down the republic"? How you figure, Glenn?

In this case I believe "the republic" = "my ratings".

I tried doing that as well and couldn't find the picture.

There was one of Beck in a uniform of the USSR, one of him in a red, white and blue jacket and one of him wrapped up in police tape.

He is a clown so I wouldn't put it past him.
We've had actual presidents assassinated, Glenn, actual presidential elections stolen, and the government is still here. Me thinks you think too highly of your precious Palin. Sure, it's a crony capitalist duopoly plutocracy and not so much a republic anymore, but it's still here at least in form if not function.
an ATTEMPT would bring the republic down? mormon, please.
Glenn Beck is anti-violence?…
Shorter link URL that will work:
What a love-fest between these two idiots. If either of them think she's more than a blip in the history of this country, they are delusional. At this point, she's just a hick with lipstick and a big mouth.

I think all this yapping on the far right means they are very worried they have hurt themselves with this ceaseless rhetoric. The left has said some dumb stuff but it is engulfed by the amount the far right has said.

I hope they are worried. They should be.

Words have meaning.
Love the juxtaposition of Hemorrhoid Boy Beck's psychotic looking smiling face just above the post with the Arizona psycho freak's mug shot. Separated at birth? Just asking.
Denver's version of The Onion's AV Club had a pretty funny article about the crazy talk of Glenn Beck and Glenn Danzig. "Glenn or Glenn?"

It's actually hard to tell which one is more nuts:…
"An attempt on you could bring the republic down." Does Beck know he's not in an episode of Star Wars?
Looks like they've scrubbed that picture off the site already.
The backgrounds are… through…, but 05 and 19 are missing. I wonder what the other one they pulled was?
Sorry, it's 00 through 23, not 01 through 23. 05 and 19 are still missing from the list, though.
you people will grasp at any straw won't you? face the fact that your once trendy movement failed and move on. the so called grass roots workers movement staffed by stoner's,hippies , trend following hot white girls , and migrant workers have moved on. you should too, you are looking real stupid standing in that empty room waving that red flag.
@12: If you're gonna troll, at least try a little subtlety.

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