The world's only known in-egg Pterodactyl embryo has been found by a private collector. Dr. Neal Naranjo of Lufkin, Texas, has been collecting fossils for years. Inspired by a Florida study of velociraptor eggs, he decided to see what was inside the eggs in his own collection:

"Tried an x-ray but the material is just too dense for a normal x-ray... Tried an MRI because they don't have water in them you can't do an MRI," said Naranjo. (via)

A CT scan eventually revealed "the preserved embryo of a Pterodactyl, the only known in-egg Pterodactyl embryo in the world... Five of the six eggs examined with the CT scan contained embryos." (via)

Read more at here, here, here and here. (Sadly none of the links I was able to find have good images of the scans. Currently this is only being covered by hobbyists and local news, so perhaps if it gets picked up by larger science media there will be images available.)

*Remember: PTEROSAURS ARE NOT DINOSAURS! (<3 you, Venomlash!)