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And now that you realize this, you'll do the responsible thing & turn off Palin comments in your filter and ignore her, right? Right? We can starve her off the stage.
Palin is definitely not the first celebrity to adopt this tactic. I can think of many examples that have been around much longer than herself.
She's the next generation of Newt Gingrich
Much like trolls she can't exist without gaining attention with inflammatory comments. It's a cycle that just can't seem to be broken.

It's very strange. She currently holds no public office, is not in the leadership structure of the Republican Party or Tea Party, she may or may not run for president in 2012, and yet she commands instant media access that is only rivaled by the president. That she chooses to use this access to lob comments instead of constructive leadership is very telling about her character.

It's also very ironic that the same media she bashes is the exact same media that gives her importance. Any publicity is better than no publicity.

Many years ago a large mortgage company was in the national news for a series of illegal transactions regarding home loans. (This was back in the 80's and not related to today's troubles.) For awhile they were constantly in the news in a very negative light. I got this information from a sales rep for that company. He said that it came down to name recognition. People constantly heard this company's name in the news and, even though the media was saying don't trust these guys, they were still walking in the door to get a loan.

My biggest fear is that those people are still out there. They are not really looking at the product just the fact they can remember the name of the product.
And still everyone posts every fucking thing this bitch says or does.
I hate Palin as much as the next thinking person, but calling her a troll is self-important pseudo-profundity. Agree or disagree with her, her comments are clearly relevant to a lot of (narrow-minded, reationary) people. She's not just trying to get a response. She's trying to run for office.

And here's hoping she succeeds. Obama would eat her lunch.
Don't feed the trolls!
Sarah Palin has been the secret leader of Anonymous all this time? I didn't see that one coming.
"Ms. Palin"? Is he talking about Bristol? Because I'd say Dancing With the Stars is trolling too.

I was going to say the same thing. She's married and should be refered to as Mrs Palin. Its bad enough that Fox keeps calling her Govenor.
OuterCow @1, that is very funny. Slog vows that this next hit off the Palin-brand meth pipe is going to be its last ever. Swearsies. Last one...
During the Presidential campaign, I SO wanted Obama to pick Hillary as his VP, just to witness the awesome VP debate that Palin and Clinton would have had.

Biden had to play with one hand behind his back so as not to look insulting to women, but Hillary, of course, wouldn't have had that handicap.

Damn I would have loved to see her mop the floor with Palin.
so uh where is this one brief comment making the rounds?
Even though Strangercombie is over, I will donate $100.00 to the charity of the Stranger staff's choice if they go for just one week without posting an article that has Sarah Palin in the title.

Nor could they say "former Alaska governor" or "former VP candidate" or other monikers in the title.
@9/10- Ms. is acceptable for any female. Miss would have been out of line, Mrs. would have been fine to I'm sure she prefers Gov. even though she barely earned it.
#9/10: "Ms" has been the standard title for women for what, 25 years now? Try to keep up! And please don't call a woman "Mrs" unless she uses it first.
She's also a rodeo clown.

She walks out into the ring in her rainbow wig and red ball nose and all the anger focuses on her, providing a handy distraction.
@11 Oh Gus, I've been waiting for everyone to shut up about her as soon as we learned she didn't believe in evolution! Ever since then, every time I see her mentioned there's this incessant buzz in my ear going "why...? why...? why...?"

The Right Wing parodied itself with her, and many of them can't even spot the Poe.
Though this might be just a conspiracy theory, there's no doubt they're a bunch of obnoxious trolls: http:// k a n e w j .com/ w b c /
Have we ever had anyone like this in our nation's history?

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