I don't really think about her much at all. You, on the other hand, are OBSESSED.
I don't hate her, I feel sorry for her and hate what she does and would like her to slide into a gentle coma, but that's it. Ambition and adulation warp people, and I don't know how you beloved public figures can handle any of it. I'd be OD'ed or a tyrant in a heartbeat if it happened to me.
I just wonder how many innocent people will be sacrificed on the altar of her political and monetary ambition.
"We are looking into the face of Satan himself, who is the ultimate source of this vitriol and toxic hate."

Funny, I think the same thing when I look at Palin and the AFA. Ok, not really, but that's only because I don't believe in superstitions.
Odd- when I hear Bryan Fischer open his mouth, I find myself "looking into the face of Satan himself, who is the ultimate source of this vitriol and toxic hate". Perspective, Mr Fischer, perspective.
mindless, baseless, utterly irrational, disturbing to an alarming degree
"We are witnessing unvarnished demonic evil on full display, without decoration, without refinement, without cover. It does not even pretend to be anything other than pure homicidal rage and hate.

It shows us what we are up against in our civil war over cultural values, and reveals the malicious invective that is constantly directed at Ms. Palin and her family."

So there you have it. Critics of Palin are filled with "homicidal rage and hate" because they are servants to the embodiment of supernatural evil, and We the Righteous are in a "civil war" with them.
That picture of Palin reminds me of "the lady in the radiator" from Eraserhead. Of course, Princess Sparklepony made this association some time ago.
That's one of the big problems I have with Christianity. If you have a concept of supreme evil whose power rivals that of supreme good, people start blaming everything they don't like on it.
And remember kids, God would WANT you to kill Satan!
So, if Palin's political opponents are in the thrall of Satan, shouldn't Fischer be reaching out with compassion or offering exorcisms or something?
Wait, does my head get to spin around now??
This is the same dickwad who was whining that the medal of honor had been "feminized" because if was being given for saving lives, not taking them.
I wonder if someone made a golden idol in the image of Sarah Palin if her followers would immediately begin to worship it.

It could be her campaign logo for 2012.
I despise her because she is the adult product of the archetypal American High School cunt/bitch creation process.
Just call me Satan.
"Vitriol," official front runner for most popular word of 2011.
Did Mudede write that? It's definitely his prose style.
No. How could I hate her? Why would I hate her? Life has not taught me to hate, and I have no intention of learning that skill. It would seem that she and I agree on very little, but we are still more alike because of our humanity then we are different. I have found that it is possible to dislike someone's actions, policies, rhetoric,attitude... but not hate the person. So, I dislike the image and attitude that Sarah Palin reflects to the world. I would not vote for her because of it.

I'll add that consequences are not a popular thing to experience. It is easier to blame Satan than to accept that some of Ms. Palin's personal or team choices were unwise or inappropriate. Especially in a nation that is very Christian-normative still as a default response to life's hardships and tragedies. Tis easier to proclaim being attacked than to make an admission of fault or own a share in the blame. Truly owning one's part requires a change in motivation and action, in my opinion, and most of us don't want to make the effort either because of our pride or our tendency to be lazy. It is easier to claim to be a victim, it can gain us sympathy and doesn't require us to change anything about ourselves. Plus, one can not forget that it is common for Christians to believe that they are being persecuted for doing "right" and to consider their persecution as sharing in the suffering of their savior. To thus embrace their victim-hood as evidence that they are worthy and are pleasing.

Ms. Palin's public persona seems to embrace the victim role well and lack the integrity to admit errors in judgement. I don't know if she has a "martyr complex", but I am not surprised to here Mr. Fischer's response as it is common thing to claim negative responses, etc. on Satan within very conservative communities.
I have to pick just one?
So, let's see if I have this right. If I don't like Sarah--and I really, really don't like Sarah--I'm Satanic? I'm evil and hateful and rage-filled merely because I don't like Sarah Palin. Is this really what it's come down to now? Do Fischer and the rest even listen to themselves anymore?
I don't know what's not to get, FLgirl. Satan's influence is probably preventing you from fully grasping this logic.

So it turned out the Arizona shooter was an atheist.
Just like you, Dan.

And very critical of religion.
Just like Dan.

He is a registered Independent who did not vote in 2010.

And he does not watch Fox News or listen to talk radio.

Slag/Danny spent days pissing themselves into a rabid lather blaming the shootings on Palin/Beck/GOP/etc.

We must have missed the post where it was all retracted.
Where Danny said "sorry I am a hysterical bigoted little pussy and I got it all WRONG but that didn't keep me from shooting my mouth off....."

Don't you think Atheists Spoil EVERYTHING, Danny?
If the face of evil were cunning, it would varnish its meanness.
It's not so much about hating her as wanting to keep her as the face of the Republican Party while (somehow) also making sure nobody forgets all the things that are wrong with her. Moreover, and this is an easier trick, we'd also like to both harden the resolve of her hardcore base, helping to win her the 2012 nomination for President, while simultaneously hardening the dislike that the other 75% of America feels for her.

We don't hate her. We love her. The ones who hate Palin are the Republican leaders who want to actually win the election. Who do we hate? The people who think like Palin, her base.

We hate 25% of America, in other words. Which I admit, is pretty toxic and hateful of us, a lot more hate than just hating one woman.

Sorry, I guess. Sorry. But hey, you guys wanted Palin and you got her, OK?
OK, you got me.
Satan made me hate Sarah Palin.
Are you happy now?
I'm homicidal, rage-filled, and probably possessed by Satan because I think Palin is a no-talent shit-for-brains with idiot mouth-breathing followers? Well, okay then.
Thought that comment was
A haiku at first, but it's
One word too many.
haiku are not measured in 'words'
I don't know about the rest of you, but my reason is totally Satan. Like Sarah Palin, personal responsibility is not one of my strong suits. The evil I do is all due to outside forces.
The hatred directed at her is not baseless at all, it's rational, well founded and deserved.
I hate her because that's all you fuckers ever post about.

Stop giving that bitch attention.
And with post 23, we see the gist of the troll posts for the next year or so. It combines old classics (Dan Savage is evil) with fresh-from-the-oven gibberish.

It's good he gets out from time to time to have new things told to him. Maybe he belongs to one of those list-serves.
I can freely say I hate her. But then, I'm not Christian, so I don't have to pretend that I don't possess that particular human emotion.
Don't even think about starting in on me, Bryan. I'm already on my last Palin nerve, so just shut it dickwad.
CBA to read comments, but I hope nobody's done this yet:

The admiration directed at her is mindless, it is baseless, it is utterly irrational, and it is disturbing to an alarming degree. When we look into the face of the unvarnished and seething worship focused on Ms. Palin, we are looking into the face of evil. We are looking into the face of Satan himself, who is the ultimate source of this vitriol and toxic hate.
@36 very nice!
Palin might just be Satan. If you were the embodiment of all evil, what better way to disguise yourself then to be a seemingly mindless moron and typical bad mother, spreading hate through the internet like a common troll, and appealing to the lesser Americans who think they need guns with extended magazines in public events?


you cut us to the quick.
Well, since they put it that way, HAIL SATAN!
Baseless, and mindless. That's exactly what I called HER during the last presidential election.
I don't "hate" her. I am sick of hearing about her. I mean, let's face it - if anybody else said the stupid kind of shit she does, they would have been laughed out of existence. Talented and intellectual - absolutely not. Hit with a "lucky stick" - absolutely so.
@33: Haha. Yeah word, you got it. One thing the shooter was that Dan definitely is not: totally fucking crazy.

It's a remarkably easy game to play:

The shooter was an atheist.
Just like you, Dan.

The shooter was in the Western United States.
Just like Dan!!!!

The shooter was a human.
Just like you, Dan.

Don't you think humans spoil everything, DAN???
So, when the right wing encourages unvarnished and seething meanness towards Hilary Clinton or Nancy Pelosi, it's coming from Jesus?
At #1 ftw, isn't it time to stop talking about her so she can just go away?
Being called "the face of evil" by "the face of stupid" is pretty funny.

My opinion is that she lacks the intellectual capacity to be in a position of power. The 2008 Charlie Gibson and Katie Couric interview videos should be required viewing in their entirety.

However, she's got one hell of a finely honed sense of demagoguery. She is taking the average American's notoriously short memory and turning the above-mentioned debacles into some sort of thumb-in-your-eye-to-elites spin, which her base is just eating up.

In short, the amount of pure stupid that she spews, and the way her fan base laps it up, is scary.
I despise Sarah Palin, I don't hate her. *I* irrationally hate Former Stranger Staffer Inga Muscio. I like to keep it local, ya know?


you will agree-

Danny is pretty. damn. e.v.i.l.......
We have microscopes that can meter the individual components of atoms, an orbital telescope that can take high-resolution pictures of stars millions of light-years away, mobile telephones with more processing power than the Lunar Lander, fission power, fusion bombs, guns that can hurl a projectile faster than sound, nanotech manufacturing, genetic engineering, and an interlinked communications network that can be wirelessly accessed from any point of the globe; the scientific method is, to date, our very best system for gaining knowledge, yet people thoroughly and literally believe in scientifically-discredited or even -disproven Bronze-Age superstitions like Satan. That's just so strange to me.
As a scientist, I have to say with only a modicum of irony, God bless you John Horsman. Your comments are spot on. People like Palin and her ilk that disparage science but use all of the technology that has been produced by it are the most insidious form of hypocrite.

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