So seems to be the motto of our friends, the yellow pages publishers. I know that Dex One, Seattle's biggest yellow pages publisher, has picked up unwanted phone books in the past, but this email from SuperMedia to Slog reader Lauren just shows that this billion dollar industry doesn't really give a shit about Lauren, or anybody else for that matter. This fight is not about the First Amendment folks, it's about money.

Lauren emailed me her interactions with SuperMedia after reading my post on the frustrations of continuing to receive stacks of yellow pages even after opting out.

From: Lauren
Received: 12-17-10

I have signed up with every single 'do not under any circumstances send me any more phone books' list I could find, yet I received a sack of superpages phone books on my doorstep the other day. Please let me know how I can return these to you. Thanks.

To: Lauren
Date: Tue, 21 Dec 2010

Thank you for contacting SuperMedia!

We know that it doesn't make sense to deliver Yellow Pages directories that are unwanted. It's not good for our customers or the environment. The problem is made worse when people are inundated with directories that have nearly identical information. But not all Yellow Pages are created equal. We've introduced something different... the SuperGuarantee program.

Our program is designed to put your mind at ease. When you hire a contractor, auto mechanic, painter, plumber or other of our service providers with the SuperGuarantee shield, we will stand by their work. In the unlikely event the customer isn't satisfied, we'll help resolve the issue.

If you are still wanting to opt out of receiving our directories, please contact The Directory Store by calling their help line at 1-800-888-8448 or clicking the link below:

Please let us know if we can be of additional assistance.

Amber Fonseca

From: Lauren
Date: Tue, 21 Dec 2010 16:01:09 -0500

So does this mean that you will send someone out to pick up the mis-delivered books? Because they are still sitting on the doorstep.

I need to get rid of these books. Recycling them just encourages organizations like Superbooks to print/deliver unwanted phone books (ignoring the other opt-out sites, for whatever reason); I expect your organization to correct its mistake.

Lauren did end up getting a response from someone else at SuperMedia to her last email, but deleted it in frustration (it basically said no, we won't pick it up, it was not our responsibility, or that it was not feasible).

"If it is SuperMedia's policy to leave sacks of garbage on people's doorsteps, I would be more than happy to respond in kind," Lauren told me. "If I didn't lose momentum, I probably would have contacted Frank P. Gatto, who is the Executive Vice President in charge of printing and distribution (among other responsibilities), and who I think makes enough money to deal with these issues."

Fun fact, it doesn't look like Gatto is listed in