I couldn't agree more with your conclusion -- there is no climbing out of this deep hole, and she is nothing more than an entertainer -- but I think the 30 percent "overall" refers to all respondents, not "Republicans."
"entertainer". appropriate quotes please! (frankly, i find herpes more entertaining.)
@1 Indeed, it does refer to all people as you can see here:…. Unfortunately, they didn't release crosstabs including political party. However, another WP story says that only 48 percent of Republicans approve of her response:…
@1--30% is still enough for her to get the nomination from the Republican Guard.
She has people working 18 hours a day on how to spin shit into gold. Her low ratings amongst Republicans can change overnight if she sings the right song, and all will be forgiven.

All they - they being people who could under any circumstance support her - need to hear from her, really, is some old crap about how she wants to return this country to the 1950s. That always gets those Republican nipples hard - that and money.
@4 God, I hope.
Poor thing. You know who I bet has the most sympathy for her? The Muslim community. Sucks being held responsible for the act of one extremist lunatic.
When can we start using acceptance of evolution as a scientific fact as a litmus test for political viability already? I called this shit 2 years ago on that alone.
Not a surprise at all. The minute she quit the AK governorship it was over for her as a politician. Any winks and nods towards running are just to keep the heat up for her appearance fees, book sales, and reality show. And funnily enough, the more the public gets to see her, the less they like her.

She's photogenic, says ridiculous shit that gets into the daily news cycle, but waaaaay too thin skinned and slow on her feet to run and win. Sara Palin is no more electable as POTUS than Ralph Nader.
She is America's favorite clown!
I wonder if the 30% that did not approve of Obama's speech are the same 30% that approved of Palin's and visa-versa. That is, is this purely political (e.g. everything Obama does is bad, everything Palin does is good) or are people actually evaluating the content of their responses?
She is an entertainer who the press treats like a serious candidate. While there is little danger of her being elected, she will be instrumental in the strategy of bringing "her" 30% to the polls to vote for the Republican ticket.

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