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@Dan, Dominic's WaPo link early this afternoon regarding the Supremes' refusal to consider a challenge to the DC gay marriage law includes this little blurb in the gallery highlight: "Gays have scored victories for same-sex marriage and adoption, but the future of 'don't ask, don't tell' is uncertain." Any idea what that's about?
Just because a single politician did one thing that sorted kinda helped your cause, doesn't mean you should shower him with praise, or change your voter registration card, or think of him as anything other than the three faced asshole his constituents know he is.

The guy is retiring because he knows he cant win re-election, the people of Connecticut are fed up with his monkey bullshit. Most polls has his approval rate hoovering between 30-35%.

Screw him. I hope he moves to Israel and gets knocked the fugg out by an 8 year old throwing a rock.
I hate being a second class citizen by law as much as the next guy. Having experienced injustice, it seems wrong for LGBT folks get in line for the opportunity to subject others to injustice.

I get that for Americans that aren't born into money, the military is the only way to get an education and a decent wage, but by joining, you become the tool of the evil men that have created the inequality you're trying to escape in the first place.

Even if you don't fire a gun, and you join the military, you're part of the force that goes off and kills poor people just like yourself for no good reason.

Well, now gay people can join openly, yay us.
He only supported DADT because he knew he wasn't going to run for reelection. The coward wanted to find one thing (that was heavily supported by the American people already, by the way) that he could put his weight behind so that he'd have some sort of legacy outside of the handjobs he was constantly giving special interests. The dude was an asshole, and I'm glad he's getting the fuck out of the Senate.

@3, yeah, it would be great if the US didn't have a military at all. You have solved all the problems in the world.
Re: Lieberman, when he came out as supporting DADT repeal, I thought, "Huh. Sounds like he wants to shore up his legacy in the public mind. Wonder If he's getting ready to stand down." I'll allow him that, but I'm not forgetting that Gore added him to the ticket in 2000 in an effort to siphon off hawkish pro-military votes from the right.
@4, high five.
In terms of both the numbers of people affected and the magnitude of those effects, the bad things Joe Lieberman stood for outweigh the good things by an overwhelming margin. Consider:

1. Public Option: Joe literally threatened to filibuster any health care bill that contained a public option. Such an option would have transformed the health care system as we know it for all Americans, even if it fell short of a "Medicare-for-all" model. Instead, we got a taxpayer-financed windfall for private insurance companies that doesn't do much to address the cost of care, although it does contain some modest, tangible improvements to the system overall.

2. John McCain Endorsement: Three Words: Vice President Palin.

3. Iraq War Supporter: A trillion dollars for a war of choice. A trillion dollars that could have been used to finance infrastructure and social safety net programs for cash-strapped states. A trillion dollars.


DATD: Gay people get to openly support the global death machine (see #3 above). Yippee.

Good riddance.
I suppose we can thank Lieberman for his support of the DADT repeal by not naming a byproduct of sex or particular sex act or position after him. Otherwise, I think we're all square with him.
Meh... I kinda feel like saying:
"Hey, thanks for those couple of civil rights votes you made, so long, don't let the door hit you on the way out, if we need you in the future, don't call us, we'll call you, m'kay? Buh-bye now."
@7 re: point #3, as I never tire of saying, it's easily a $2-3 trillion war when one includes a) the lifetime cost of properly caring for our grievously wounded soldiers, b) the costs of demobilization--transporting back to the U.S. or rendering completely unusable by insurgents all the up-armored HumVees, etc. and replacing the HumVees, whose 1-3 tons of added armor have worn out suspension and drivetrain components never designed to handle that much mass. Lots of other things that could be mentioned as well.
Just as soon as the waiting period is up he'll be pulling down six or sever figures in the Industrial Military Complex as a 'consultant' to congress while he sucks up his tax-payer funded pension and health care.

The wheels on the corrupt bus go round 'n round.
What we have Lieberman to thank for is not having a real Democrat in that seat all these years. We have him to think for all the other things besides repealing DADT that we're still waiting for.

Fuck Lieberman.
Be careful what you wish for - he might be replaced by a Teapartier just slightly to the right of Palin...
Really? I still have no problem hating him - one decent act doesn't undue years of damage.

Plus he's a slimy, opportunistic douche.
I'll hate it when he leaves but I'll love watchin' him go!
Lieberman/McCain 2012

Visit our website:
I have no compunctions about it. I'm happy to see him go. I have no doubts he will be able to pull some cushy money rolling setup for himself in retirement. Yes, it's laudable he worked on DADT; I will give him that. Still, don't let the door hit ya on the ass on the way out, dude.
He was threatening the New York Times over printing the Wikileaks cables. I say fuck 'em on free speech grounds alone.
@4 and 5, if my memory serves me, he's actually been pretty strong on GLBT issues for some time now. Actually he's done a complete 180, since in the past he was pretty bad about it. In addition to the DADT thing, he co-sponsored ENDA and is co-sponsoring legislation to try to get spousal benefits for the domestic partners of federal employees.

I think you can believe he's sincere about GLBT issues without denying he's an asshole otherwise. George Bush, by all accounts, was entirely non-racist himself (he doesn't give a shit if you're black, as long as you aren't so crass as to be poor).
I'll admit that the DADT thing has sort of dulled the burning hatred I had for him, but I'm certainly not sorry to see him go. I was still firmly planning on contributing to his opponent in the primary come '12. I'm not at all surprised he decided to retire, since he knew as well as any of us he wasn't getting re-elected. At least he's announced it with enough time to field a really strong candidate for the next election.
He's only leaving because he knows he's not going to win reelection in 2012.
When DADT is repealed, Lieberman can take some credit, but not the lion's share. That's ridiculous.
Regarding #7: <3

Fry: Okay, I gotta break down that gate, beat up those three guards, steal that chopper, and rescue Bender.
[Leela, as Lee Lemon, busts open the gate and knocks out the guards]
Fry: Hey, I did it! Wait, that's not me.
Agree with @7, Dan. DADT "repeal" is a goody, but focus in on his gross obstruction of healthcare reform and his gross support of these budget busting, people killing wars and wish hi well. He doesn't have to be satan incarnate for us to be GLAD GLAD GLAD that he's out! And if that doesn't convince you..."laser plane"! He wanted to spend how much money on that damn laser plane? He's one ofthe punks stopping us from axing the fish-tank. You know, the tank that floats...but doesn't protect anyone from fire. That. Bye bye, Joe.
How about an alloyed joy that he's leaving? And he still as the better part of two years to keep bangin' that drum for an attack on Iran.

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