After this short pause for Beck, more Palin.
Seriously, if this has helped Beck to become the "better" person that he is, why would anyone buy this book? And, what the fuck kind of mess was he before applying these new principles to his life??
How can the Today Show be anti-life if they're still letting Gene Shalit do his thing?
Keith Ablow is cast in the Dr Phil mold, but he's a real licensed psychiatrist (Dr Phil was a midwest psychologist with some black marks in the record). Ablow's professional background is impressive. Now he's morphed into a media shrink - I seriously doubt that he still practices medicine. No doubt he can't afford it.

@2 - Oh hell, yes, Beck was a total mess: drunk, addict, etc. He's still a total mess but he gets paid very well, now.
Did Glen Beck finally address the rumors about his role in the rape and murder of a young girl in the 90's?

Sure he stated he was a he was a "very bad man" and "didn't want to believe these things about me" but did Meredith finally get him to address this persistent rumor?
For Beck, the only "self-help" involved in anything he does is whatever helps HIMself.


Rumor has it that Shalit actually passed away in 2004 and was replaced by an animatronic created by The Henson Company. To-date, no one, including his co-workers, has noticed the difference.
"I went to a bookstore and asked the saleswoman 'Where's the self-help section?' She said if she told me, it would defeat the purpose."

-George Carlin
Beck is "therapist for a nation"? Can I opt out of that coverage?
@8: I'd prefer a death panel!
Someone's getting a little chunky
@10 he's rewarding himself with food. Good thing he's got a therapist right there!
Born agains were and remain the worst people.

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