The one thing the US has in common with Somalia?

The US is the only country where juveniles are serving life imprisonment without parole under the so-called "life means life" policy. Only the US and Somalia have refused to ratify the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, which rules out life sentences with no chance of release for crimes committed before the age of 18.

An American boy, Jordan Brown, might be tried as an adult for killing his father's pregnant fiancee.

Brown is accused of having killed Kenzie Houk, in February 2009 at her home in the countryside about 35 miles north-west of Pittsburgh. According to the prosecution, Brown shot her through the back of the head as she slept in her bedroom.

He is then alleged to have got on the school bus and gone to his elementary school as usual.

Houk, 26, was just two weeks away from her due date and her unborn child, who would have been called Christopher, died too. Brown has been charged with two counts of homicide.

Brown was 11 when he shot his father's pregnant fiancee in the head with a gun that came out of nowhere and returned to nowhere. The gun happened to be in his hand. The gun happened to be in the house. The gun just happened.