Pink undies for a pink revolution.
Christ. Skinny bitches showing their horrible bodies to people who really don't want to see it - obviously anti-fur.

Now I must go vomit.
They do have the pasty, pale, muscle toneless look of vegans.
I'm not so sure about that. A close, complete and thorough inspection of their bodies is warranted in this case.
It's that "J28" protest: Say No To Gawker-Aping Blog Snark.
Those poor, darling, stupid babies. They've got goosebumps! A nice seal fur coat would make it better.
When you resort to using sex to sell your message, you have failed in whatever you were trying to accomplish.
Damn, I was SURE it was the taco bell meat. It was the only one posed appropriately as a question (look at them, these ladies have no answers), and it had no actual cause behind it that would require a political stance (pretty sure the stance you see is the only one they have)...
Are they protesting sexism and the objectification of women!?
Protesting their loss of dignity?
Seems there are a few meat eating dopes here. I'm leaving.
I'll take the one on the left. Yum. (And a cheeseburger for ol' Otto.)
@ 12 - (points and laughs) HA ha!
Why does PETA not protest like that in Winnipeg or Iqaluit or Tok in January?
Tell PETA this is getting old.
I have no problem with attractive women who want to stand naked in the street.
rowrr, its not easy to look even sorta hot exposed like that in sub 50 degree f conditions..

they rawk for that at least.
Haha good job everyone for sexually belittling these women for standing up for their beliefs! Seattle truly is a social epoch isn't it?
@ 19 - Standing up for their beliefs on a city sidewalk wearing pink panties and not much else.

Hhmmm. Who is really doing the objectification here?
Methinks the lady doth protest too much....
Yeah, you're right. Next time they should definitely wear thongs.
@3 - agree completely. Somebody buy them a ham and cheese sandwich.
More pictures?
Skinny? You guys have been in Seattle too long, you think fat chicks are the norme.
Christ I hate these people.

Hey, that must be Seattle...there's no one looking at the girls.
Mmm... Milk.
@19 An epoch is a period of time. I'm not sure what you're going for. Epitome, maybe?
These kind of bullshit stunts for media attention drive me insane.

I'm 100% for protesting specism. But for christsake, DON'T DO IT BY PROMOTING SEXISM THROUGH THE OBJECTIFICATION OF WOMEN!
Come on people, those babes are hot, whatever they are selling.
@30 Who says sexy == objectification?

Fuck off and die you puritanical, sex-negative, repressed virgin asshole. I'm drunk right now, and I hate you.
I don't want to "view results." I want to see the other side . .

. . . of the sign, of course. What were you thinking?
Get it, Girls!
@32 - I don't think sexy = objectification.

I consider myself sex-positive and actively try to dispel any negative or shameful associations people have about sex.

Some displays of sexuality are positive. The ones that perpetuate the idea that women exist purely for the sexual gratification of men are not.

Please accept this link to a variety of "feminist porn" sites as a peace offering. (Scroll to the bottom of the article for links). Enjoy!

Kelly try to be more clever w yr options, the peta-ish middle choice was bloody obvious. No fun if no game

You ARE NOT sex positive. These women wanted to do this. Who are you to pass judgement on them?

Go away 2nd Waver; you are no longer needed.
I always get a chuckle out of people who play the objectification card when activist women go naked for attention.

Firstly, they're doing it of their own free will, taking advantage of the fact that they will get attention.

Secondly, if you always assume that simply seeing a [half] naked woman will lead to her objectification, then it is yourself that must be objectifying her. There's a name for people who complain when women reveal their bodies... it's "the Taliban".
BTW, if I have to guess what they're protesting... I guess "LABOR DISPUTE".
i'm just going to go ahead and say sexy does=objectification. and i'm fucking sick of it, peta. call me a troll or whatever. I HATE SEXY FOREVER.
"variety of "feminist porn"

Actually this is what men think of to STALL an orgasm.

No doubt !
Man, I hate it when I agree with the unregistered fucksticks, but @42 nailed it.
35/Logan, how do you know what displays of female sexuality perpetuate the idea that "women exist purely for the sexual gratification of men"?

i am, in fact, made purely of crudely carved spam. unsexy, salt-laden spam. <-the profile pic is me and my sister as children.
but nothing sexy is happening in that pic, for sure.
40/erin: i'm just going to go ahead and say sexy does=objectification.

That's true in the sense that a person in, for example, a sexy photo can be a object of (fantasy) desire for many people (and that object of desire can, of course, be a man or a woman.)

But what most people who rant about "objectification" don't get is that just because a bunch of people see a sexy man or woman in a photo as an object of desire, it doesn't mean that they are incapable of seeing and relating to men or women as "whole" human beings.
Dude, this is nothing: PETA has been doing this here, in Saskatoon, and in Regina, over the past two months.
And our temperature today was a -22, before the windchill. Too cold to even stop and gawk, hah.
I realize that this issue isn't as simple as I first approached it here.

I'm always a bit conflicted when thinking about this kind of thing. It's like, "People have a right to express themselves however they want and who am I to judge?" But I still can't help feeling that porn with men slapping women in the face with their cocks and calling them whores and bitches IS sending a bad message.

Perhaps the depiction itself isn't the harmful part; but the interpretation of someone who holds sexist views is where the problem lies? Is that anywhere close to what you're getting at Roma?
You're right, Logan, it's not a simple issue. And yes, that's basically what I'm saying. If some guy sees women only as sex objects, he's going to see them that way whether there are partially-clothed PETA protesters on the street or not. A guy who sees women as whole human beings doesn't think women are only good for sex just because he sees those PETA women or sees women naked in porn.

She also has a very pretty smile. Imagine being so blinded by hate that you never notice such things?
@44, I don't understand how this is a display of female sexuality when there's nothing sexually gratifying in it for the woman.
#52 nailed it.

Accusing someone of being "sex-negative" has really become the progressive dude's version of crying "femi-nazi," hasn't it?

The actual sex-negatives in this post are the guys who view these girls as bad porn because they don't look like the 16-year-olds they jerk off to. They're the ones with the sexual issues. I'm sure they're also disgusted by pubic hair. Yet none of you "sex-positives" ever take issue with them. Which is why I don't take you seriously.

“there's nothing sexually gratifying in it for the woman.”

And you know that how? Because you make assumptions about how all women should behave and think? Maybe she’s getting wet and lovely in that very picture? Maybe she  gets her jollies from this? How do you know? Define ‘sexual gratification’, does it have to involve another person  and can’t be auto-erotic?

American feminists =  American fundamentalists. Same coin, different sides.
@53 And who said feminists don't have a sense of humor?
@52/53: You don't know that they aren't exhibitionists. Many people get off on people looking at them and thinking they're hot.
" Many people get off on people looking at them and thinking they're hot."

That's not a problem for Seattle feminists. Which of course is why they have a problem with women like this.
To me this is just such a cowardly way to protest. If they were wearing clothes and holding whatever sign they're holding, people might actually come up and try to argue with them about whatever issue it is they're protesting, and it might be too confrontational for them. So instead they wear cute little pink panties and make nudity their whole focal point so that that's all anyone cares about. I mean, look at the comments on this thread. Has anyone asked "No, really, what are they protesting?" No, because no one gives a shit. All they can talk about is their bodies.

Aren't they protesting feminists having too much fur?

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