Odds of him being labeled a terrorist?
Good Morning Charles,
@1 Joe. I agree Stockham is a terrorist just like McVeigh. The only differences are motive and that he is a US citizen.
Good that authorities were able to prevent the act.

Terror knows no bounds or nationality.
Trunk full of explosives = a bunch of M-80s.
Yeah, "high end fireworks" ...
Geez, the damage this could have done to innocent people and America's image abroad is incalculable. I'm so glad they caught this maniac. Now, let's hope he's finally locked away for good.
Domestic Terrorism

Nah -- he was white... he cannot be a terrorist, that's for non-Americans.

Fireworks, while technically classified as "explosives," aren't quite the same thing as a bomb. While this would no doubt have done some significant damage, it probably wouldn't have blown the place up. Still, he's obviously a kook and I'm happy he got caught.
You do know that an M-80 has the explosive power of 1/4 stick of dynamite, don't you?
@8 - As a pyrotechnician that has worked with things much more powerful than M-80s, I can tell you that is absolutely not true. A classic M-80 has around 3 grams of flash power and is more comparable to the pen cap size detonator used to set off dynamite than dynamite itself (which varies in diameter and length).

Everything I've read suggests he had nothing more than consumer fireworks. You can buy "M-88" or whatever things, but they are a regular firecracker in a bigger package to look cool, they are limited to 50 milligrams of powder.

Consumer fireworks can be used in dangerous ways, but the main result would be some noise and smoke. The guy doesn't seem smart enough to do anything really dangerous with them. Still glad he was caught though...

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