"A Belgian gay couple has a son through a Ukrainian surrogate (surrogacy is illegal in Belgium)," writes Griet, a Slog tipper and occasional LineOut contributor who lives in Belgium. "However, when their son was born and they went to pick him up they were not allowed to leave the country with him. He was in a foster home for a year, until the foster mother demanded more money and threatened to put the boy in an orphanage. They went to the Ukraine and tried to take him over the border with them, but of course that didn't work either, it was considered abduction. Ever since, Samuel has been in an orphanage. The Belgian foreign ministry says there's nothing they can do. Officials in Ukraine don't seem to care."

Greit sent along a link to this news report—click CC for English subtitles:

"It might be hormones," writes Griet, "or it might be the fact that my son is now 8 months old. But the story won't leave me alone. I was wondering if there was anything you could do? I don't know... post it on Slog, just ask people to sign a petition?"

There's a petition here. Jan Matthysen is Belgium's ambassador to the United States. You can write him an email by clicking here.