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Conlin is a Paul Allen-owned (or developer-owned) douchebag!

This is an extraordinarily serious undertaking, for which no financing has been responsibly structured, and which could possibly leave us with one or more giant sinkholes in downtown Seattle, and who knows what death and destruction that could bring with it?

I understand why the city council, only interested in further Paul Allen structured streetcars and nothing else, might be mystified as to why the citizenry is fed up with their corruption (exceptions: Mike O'Brien and Licata) but we should all be paying attention at this importion juncture in time.
Reeow!!! Cat fight!

This is gonna be good...watching Seattle sink financially...and physically...right into Elliot Bay.

Wanna change things?

Get elected...veto stuff...argue in blog comments...?

Nope. more like these guys:…

After all...BO sez so:

Obama: Egyptian protesters 'an inspiration'

President Barack Obama says the passion and dignity demonstrated by the people of Egypt has been an inspiration. He says young protesters will reach their destiny.

In brief remarks at the White House Tuesday evening, the president said, "We hear your voices."…

What @2 said.

It's all about priorities, and gold-plated vanity tunnels aren't high on most Seattle citizens lists, especially ones that have the lowest capacity for the most tax dollars we don't even have.

You can stand with the Millionaires and Billionaires.

Or you can stand with the Citizens of Seattle.
The Mayor is the one who is correct. And in time, when the state is crying about how poor it is and how Seattle must pick up a multi-hundred million dollar cost overrun, the Mayor can tell Conlin to suck it.
This is just bad insulting strategy. Take it from me, I'm a bitch.

You can't say he's ignorant and then accuse him of playing dumb. It's one or the other.

Beyond that, it's fine. If the mayor's going to dish it out, he's going to have to take it, too.
YES! I wish more civic leaders would call out this worthless lying obstructionist on his clueless BS. Who does he represent exactly? I can't quite figure it all out. It's certainly not the best interests of Seattle. All he's trying to do is add gridlock and run the cost of this project up higher and higher! He's a bald face liar who lied his way into office...

"If I'm elected mayor, although I disagree with this decision, it will be my job to uphold and execute this agreement," (McGinn) said. "It is not the mayor's job to withhold the cooperation of city government in executing this agreement."

This is from October 19, 2009 two weeks before the election and the only reason he won. I'm counting down the days until his embarrassment of a term is OVER!…
McGinn is representing. What are you doing, Conlin?
Whether you like him or not, Conlin's right. When he says "The Mayor does not seem to understand that the state can and will proceed with this project whether or not the City is a participant, and that these agreements protect the City's interests" he is 100% correct. We have a rank amateur/activist for mayor and he's throwing a tantrum, pure and simple.
If the bike shoe fits...
The mayor is a moron.
Conlin's statement is jr. high material. You want to teach the Mayor Muni Govt. 101? How can anyone respect an elected leader who not only thinks like this but writes it down in a public statement? This kind of statement makes Seattle look ridiculous. Let's raise the level of political discourse a bit Richard.
I just Googled Mike's comments from October 19th 2009.
There is an old Mallahan add with him saying "It's not the Mayor job to withold city cooperation".

Basically, he was against being against it, before he was against being for it. Or something like that. The scarry part is that his supporters completely support his self contracdictions.

The so-what here is that his opponents in the nest elections will only have to run clips of him arguing (arragontly) with himself. Bad news for his coalition partners who will basically be wearing "I'm with Stupid" t-shirts.
McSchwinn is a one-term pony.
@2 and @5, who the fuck do you think funded McGinn's Great City?
Dom, unless Conlin actually said "the mayor is an idiot" and "the mayor is a moron", you are committing libel by attributing these quotes to him.

@7, I thought the same thing, poor form, he is either playing dumb, or is dumb.

Just how much of the rollout of the Families Levy that the mayor and council both support is getting McSandbagged by this non-story?
@18, yep, his evil twin sister has started the same thing as unattributed quotes, but this is attributed and therefore libel.
Fall vote for I-101, to vote on what happened.…
I for one am grateful to have the mayor out there giving it a good fight. If the City Council wants to get this thing moving (and get my support, which I know they are all up night worrying about) the solution is simple. Get the state to strike the clause that puts Seattle on the hook for any overruns. It's really that simple.
as someone who lives in pioneer square, has a spouse who works in the middle of downtown seattle and grew up in lake forest park where a deep-bore machine is still stuck in the ground, i applaud mayor mcginn, i don't see this as any political maneuver, just a mayor doing what he is supposed to do, echo the concerns of the people of seattle... a july 2010 poll showed seattle-ites in an even-split for or against the tunnel, 81% were concerned with cost overruns and city-wide 59% of residents were concerned with the safety during construction and inside the tunnel.

keep doing your job mike...
"The Mayor does not seem to understand that the state can and will proceed with this project whether or not the City is a participant," reminds me of nothing more than the Bobby Knight classic, "I think that if rape is inevitable, relax and enjoy it."
Face the facts hippies, the tunnel is happening.

All Hail Discoveria
11,12 and 13 all combined for the ultimate win! I find it interesting that many here are now having buyer's remorse with this sham of a hack mayor Seattle has.

I'm here to say I TOLD YOU SO I TOLD YOU SO! MANY of us were on here trying to pull the fucking blinders off your eyes. THIS moron is what you get when you refuse to admit that certain qualities in general competency are more important that your personal pet favorite activist issue. THIS mayore will go down in history as the WORST in Seattle history.

And to think that you can thank yourselves for helping to get him in.

I wonder if you all will be admitting you were part of the population that voted him in...

"Dom, unless Conlin actually said "the mayor is an idiot" and "the mayor is a moron", you are committing libel"

Conlin is a public figure, and in context Holden is clearly characterizing Conlin's own description of the mayor. They're also statements of opinion rather than fact.

Definitely not libel under Times v. Sullivan. Clearly protected speech.
@27: Wrong. Falsely and maliciously attributing a quote to a person is indeed libel, whether or not they are a public figure. Fox News, for example, can't falsely report that Obama said "I rape white women" just because he's a public figure and they don't like him.

As for whether it's clear from the context of the post that Holden pulled these quotes out of his ass, maybe, maybe not, juries have gone either way in similar cases.
I used to like Richard Conlin. Tim Burgess not so much. But in the last year, I've seen Burgess work with McGinn in a mature, responsible way, despite policy differences. Conlin on the other hand has been a little bitch. I think Conlin is finished.
@17, MrBaker,

The same individual who funded Microsoft's Software Piracy Foundation, which wasn't really meant to fight software piracy (as one of the largest global software pirates has historically been Micro$oft) but to control software piracy.

Obviously, they way they operate is a bit too subtle for the likes of you.

@29 is correct.

Things change.
Breaking news!!

Sloggers argue that Americans are not fat, lazy and stupid! *

*use of fat, lazy and stupid can only be used for conservative, white males of means. All other fat people are 'victims of oppression' and are not fat, lazy and stupid. This includes members of Slog's favorite pet minority groups except Asians because, god dammit, how have they managed not to get fat and po' in racist, classist, fascist America?
conlin needs to get his shit together and realize he's not king of the city. I'm certainly not voting for him again. No matter WHAT he thinks of the mayor, the mayor is in charge, and he makes the council, and our city look bad by being insubordinate.
I would suggest that anyone who posted above get ahold of a copy of Tim Harris's speech yesterday to the Carpenter's Union, outlining for a pro-tunnel crowd what the anti-tunnel position is about. It is not about now; it's about ten years from now. (I believe it will be printed in the next issue of Real Change.)
Mr. Conlin, I seem to recall a 2012 date with the wrecking ball being pushed back further... and further... and further...
Conlin is a perpetually smiling, lying, gutless, undermining, power-hungry wimp. He's been planning to run for higher office ever since he announced that he was selected as council prez and wasn't a few years back. Don't trust him. He is ruthless and gutless, and scary combination.

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