In a step towards never keeping up with Europe, the old-fashioned trains operated by Amtrak Cascades were just updated with wi-fi. There's just one problem: Slog tipper Garrett writes that Amtrak passengers are blocked from visiting Slog.


Maybe they just think we're smutty? But no—after being barred from visiting Slog, Garrett successfully accessed the Seattle Weekly's blog, Glenn Beck's web site, Fox News, and Al-Jazeera.

He reports that he even perused Craigslist's casual encounters. "I could even Google image search for 'sex on amtrak,' " he writes.

In God's name, Amtrak, what have we done to earn your passive-aggressive wrath?

Representatives from Amtrak are giving us the silent treatment haven't yet returned calls for comment, but if enough of you email them here, the problem will surely be fixed. Don't be shy.

All this begs the question—where else is Slog banned? Has anyone else been blocked from our site while visiting Amtrak, Greyhound, City Hall, or Your Grandmother's House?

Let us know in the comments....