Sen. Jim Honeyford
  • Sen. Jim Honeyford
It's SB 5349, which was sponsored by Republican State Senator Jim Honeyford of Sunnyside and—tell me if this sounds familiar—was bent on:

Eliminating collective bargaining for state employees and certain other groups.

What a difference having a state run by Democrats makes.

A list of other dead state senate bills—including attempts to get the grey wolf off the federal Endangered Species Act list, privatize the sale of liquor, create a registry of animal abusers, and make life harder for illegal immigrants—is in the jump, compiled by Senate Democrats:

“Dead Bills” report
Feb. 21, 2011

The following is a list of notable bills—not meant to be comprehensive—considered “dead” in the Senate for the remainder of the 2011 legislative unless they are revived by parliamentary procedure:

Agriculture & Rural Economic Development Committee

SB 5146 — An act relating to disclosure of production and export information on patented or trademarked fruit (Honeyford)

SB 5570 — An act relating to prohibiting the impoundment of farm vehicles under certain conditions (Honeyford)

SB 5648 — An act regarding the sale of milk at small dairies (Ranker)

SB 5759 — An act relating to animal disease traceability (Shin)

SB 5814 — An act relating to extending current use valuation to the residential property of small farms that is integral to the use of classified land for agricultural purposes (Fraser)

Early Learning & K-12 Committee

SB 5479 — Process for school districts to develop, implement, and report on three year growth targets for high school mathematics and science is created. (McAuliffe)

SB 5621 — Establishing the voting age for school board elections (White)

SB 5220 — Authorizing advertising on school buses (Shin)

SB 5226 — Regarding science end-of-course assessments (McAuliffe)

SB 5227 — Regarding mathematics end-of-course assessments (McAuliffe)

Environment, Water & Energy Committee

SB 5210 — Creating a water commission (Delvin)

SB 5564 — Promoting the development and construction of nuclear energy facilities (Delvin)

SB 5778 — Providing incentives for the collection and recycling of beverage bottles (Chase)

Government Operations, Tribal Relations & Elections Committee

SB 5768 — Creating the department of heritage, arts, and culture (Haugen)

SB 5512 — Increasing public access to public records (Roach)

SB 5338 — Concerning lawful legal presence in the United States (Stevens)

SJR 8207 — Declares that English must be the language of all official proceedings. (Stevens)

Senate Health & Long Term Care Committee

SB 5609 — An act relating to health care financing Kohl-Welles)

SB 5653 — An act relating to Washington state food purchasing policy (Kohl-Welles)

SB 5666 — An act relating to accountability for tax exempt hospitals (Pflug)

SB 5818 — An act requiring certain long-term care facilities to report incidents of death caused by health care-associated infections to the department of social and health services (Litzow)

Higher Education & Workforce Development Committee

SB 5234 — Requires US citizenship to be eligible for state financial assistance programs (Stevens)

SB 5287 — Snohomish Polytech College is authorized. Snohomish County is authorized to establish a taxing district for financing a new college (Hobbs)

SB 5443 — Requiring HECB to develop a grant program to encourage training for students studying in the medical field to work with individuals with developmental disabilities (Chase)

SB 5608 — Increasing assistance for student veterans at institutions of higher education (Kilmer)

SB 5719 — Regarding tuition at institutions of higher education for students with disabilities (Shin)

Human Services & Corrections

SB 5099 — Concerning the inspection or copying of nonexempt public records by persons incarcerated (Carrell)

SB 5104 — Authorizing criminal defendants to plead "guilty and mentally ill" (Carrell)

SB 5178 — Addressing access to original birth certificates after adoption finalization (Carrell)

SB 5328 — Requiring verification of eligibility for public assistance (Zarelli)

SB 5330 — Requiring the temporary assistance for needy families grant to be dispensed as an electronic voucher benefit and limited to purposes benefiting children (Zarelli)

SB 5331 — Implementing an audit program for working connections child care providers (Carrell)

SB 5513 — Requiring that child protective service workers be licensed as social workers and bonded (Roach)

SB 5527 — Directing creation of an electronic benefit transfer system for the delivery of subsidized child care (Hargrove)

Judiciary Committee

SB 5014 — Placing restrictions on pro se defendants when questioning witnesses (White)

SB 5048 — Creating the Washington enhanced intelligence act (Kline)

SB 5144 — Requiring registration of animal abusers (McAuliffe)

SB 5240 — Addressing the submission of DNA markers to a database accessible only to qualified laboratory personnel (Fraser)

SB 5270 — Providing a procedure for discretionary inquests conducted by a county for deaths involving a member of a law enforcement agency (Kline)

SB 5456 — Eliminating the death penalty (Murray)

SB 5598 — Regulating the production, distribution, and sale of cannabis (Prentice)

SB 5697 — Addressing the minimum standards for firearms safety devices and gun safes used by certain governmental agencies that purchase, receive, possess, use, or issue firearms and government agents who receive, possess, or use a firearm issued to the agent by the agency (Hargrove)

SB 5799 — Concerning criminal street gangs (King)

Labor Commerce & Consumer Protection Committee

SB 5349 — Eliminating collective bargaining for state employees and certain other groups (Honeyford)

SB 5277 — Requiring annual adjustments to workers' compensation premium rates (Holmquist-Newbry)

SB 5111 — Privatizing the sale of liquor (Sheldon)

SB 5285 — Concerning the issuance of liquor licenses for businesses located near schools (Ranker)

SB 5257 — Concerning craft wine and wineries (Kline)

Natural Resources & Marine Waters Committee

SB 5001 — Addresses the revocation of this state’s disclaimer of rights to unappropriated public lands (Stevens)

SB 5002 — An act authorizing acquisition of federal property by eminent domain (Stevens)

SB 5453 — An act enhancing the production of Pacific salmon (Fraser)

SB 8002 — Requests that the federal government delist the gray wolf from the federal Endangered Species Act (Morton)