This demands a response:

As a freshman at Flagler Palm Coast High School, Herbert said high school has been tough, especially since he's gay. "People haven't been nice, let's put it that way," Herbert said.

Herbert said classmates have bullied him before, but now it's gotten worse. One of his teachers has singled him out. "He stood in front of the class and said 'you can't put Mountain Dew or Pepsi in the same fridge or they'll turn gay'. He [also] came over to me and I was like 'hi.' He said hi, like he was imitating me or mocking me," Herbert said.

Herbert and his mother said they went to school officials several times, but weren't taken seriously. "As a parent, it's hard because you feel like you have to be there every day, begging them to please help. That's how I felt," Dorene Davenport said. Recently, Herbert and his mom sat down with school officials, as well as the teacher himself. Herbert said the teacher apologized and officials promised to switch his classes, but that never happened.

"I don't feel safe with him being there," Dorene said.

Here's the school's website. Principal Oliva's email address is A full list of school administration officials—with email addresses—is here. Let 'em have it—be firm, be respectful, but let 'em have it.

Via Queerty.