I think you want "gauging" to be "gouging".
The comic in question is actually selling for $6.80 on Mile High Comics' website.
And while I agree $3 is too much, I think the contention that comics are heading for a 90's style bubble to be deeply uninformed.
Comics sales are in the crapper. There's maybe one or two titles that sell over 100,000 copies a month and I can't think of an issue from the Big Two that has provoked such irrational exuberance the way Batman #426 or New Mutants #87 did.
There may be a lot of ditzy headed faith in the durability of the corporate characters with regards to applications in other media (just watch what happens to the GREEN LANTERN movie in June), the effects from that collapse will not kill comics the way the speculation bubble nearly did in 1993.
Back issues may be overpriced a little, but that's a simple supply and demand function- there are not as many back issue dealers around and the stores that do exist don't have a very deep selection. This I know since my attempts to fill out my runs of series like HEX or NIGHT FORCE have been met with little success on the ground. Online I can do this, not so much for a physical location. So the sky isn't falling yet. I'm pretty sure a "market correction" is coming, but probably only for people and companies who think they'll make a mint selling Green Lantern or Thor costumes for Halloween.
That said, most comics retailers get this (partially for the depressing fact that most retailers well remember the Bust- there hasn't been much expansion of retailers since the 1990s). They get that GL won't save them. The better ones are diversifying and stocking stuff beyond GL and Thor. Whether or not such tactics are enough will be born out over the next year.
I held a pristine copy of Fantastic Four 49 in my hands. Had to put it back because I just couldn't justify spending that kind of cash on something so useless. I hate being responsible.

Hopefully my personal finances won't be so grim a year from now.
Yeah comics are the worst, They need to be digitally archived RIGHT NOW. The big three companies need to have online versions of everything, RIGHT NOW.

And on a meta note, the stories need to cleaned up. The properties go on too long and pass through too many hands to be good anymore. Hire writers for comics in 5-8 year stints. Make new characters, RETIRE old ones if it makes sense. The whole thing is just a stupid trap.
Seattle is a great place to visit, especially now before the Tunnel makes our City bankrupt.

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