Get thee to a tailor ASAP!
Tight t-shirt and jeans?
Dare ya to lick the door knobs.
rent a gown.
this, wear this:
I'm guessing if you show up in an It Gets Better
t-shirt and your good jeans no one will be the wiser. They'll think it was all part of the plan.

Take pictures and video!
Dan, is Terry going to be there too? How exciting for you!
I do hope that the next step will be a Nobel Prize nomination!
Congratulations on being invited, and most of all, on accepting the invitation! I hope you have a blast.
Of course, there's a dress code, Mary. The least you could wear and look great in would be khakis, a blue blazer, a white shirt and a lavender tie. Ask your buds Anderson or Andrew what they would wear and follow - as it were - suit. Bring us back a White House cocktail coaster. Have fun.
Dan, there IS a dress are going to the White House. But the WH social secretary will probably contact you about attire if it is needed.

And congrats!!!
I like seeing the president and his wife look like that. A man and his wife. They look like they genuinely care for and about each other, listen to each other and make decisions together. I don't know that you could really say that about our past few presidents. I mean, I've only been alive for the last 4 including Obama, but still. I like it.

Of course, I could be COMPLETELY wrong and Obama could be an emotionally distant dickhead, but a girl can dream, can't she?
You know what's the act of a bully? Torturing someone, then imprisoning them for life w/o trial because you can't admit to your crimes. Please remind someone there of that, Dan.
@3 beat me to the doorknob mention, damnit.
I'm with 7, I want to know if Terry is going too.

Also, hell yes! I can't imagine this conference would have happened at all without the push from the x-thousand videos that have been made. Good job gays!
Khakis are NEVER acceptable! Seriously people, what are people thinking when they wear pants the color of pissy-dirt water? A nice pair of jeans is infinitely better, although I prefer some comfortable, gray fitted slacks.
Dan, I'm beginning to think this whole thing may end up in the history books. As one of the elements contributing to one more step in the right direction of social evolution to end discrimination. God damn! A civil rights hero. And without shedding a single drop of blood.
Oh, congratulations!! That's just wonderful....and please please let Terry pick your clothes...
Do you want to be publicly reviled like those girls on that lacrosse team who wore flip-flops to the White House? Consider how an epic fashion faux pas could create a Google problem for *you*!
Dan, just don't bring up anything about former President Bartletts' son Charlie... It would be awkward.
Congratulations, Dan.
Goddamnit Dan, you will damn well buy a nice suit, be respectful, watch your mouth and behave like a mature adult! ;)
I'm giddy at the very thought of social conservatives' heads exploding like a case of botulism-tainted cans of tomatoes. I do hope you'll get a high-res JPEG of you with Barack and Michelle, and e-mail it to every last one of them. Gaggie & Donohue first.
Dan, how about you surprise all of us and show up well-dressed?!
Hey, you could wear a purple tie like the president! And pictures, you'll post pictures, right??
Huge congratulations! It's a beautiful thing.
Getcher ass in the Lincoln bedroom and DO IT, goddammit!!!

Congrats man. Huge news!
Jeans at the White House? What are you people, farmers?

Dark suit, white shirt, shiny shoes, and have fun with the tie. It's a big occasion Dan, not quite a bill signing, but a big effing deal none the less. We're proud!
oh...and take a pitcher of the urinal..
Really well cut suit, dark or grey; colored shirt okay, colored tie practically a must. Yes to let Terry help pick the clothes. I'm kinda happy Obama is no longer an Enemy of Slog.
Congratulations! You should ask if you and Terry can stay in the Lincoln bedroom.
Seriously, dress the fuck up for our President. For god's sake.

Please, black or almost black suit, 2 buttons, white shirt, purple tie, Italian shoes...don't forget to moisturize (Elizabeth Arden's Visible Difference), get a trim, don't cut yourself shaving. Good luck, honey!
Judging from the YouTube pic above, don't forget to bring your zombie make-up.
Yay, spokesgay! You and Terry have done such a wonderful thing, and I'm glad it has become what it has become. Congratulations in the POTUS invite. :)
I'm with @12, if you are allowed to come accompanied PLEASE take husband and son with you. Hell, whole "it's get better" posters could come about if you could get a family picture that included the Obama's. "I was a bullied gay boy, and then I grew up, got married, adopted a child and met the president!"

I'm not going to bother with the "dress code" thing. Dan didn't get called off the cuff yesterday. White House events take months to plan. He probably got a long-ish pdf with what is acceptable, what isn't, and what will get his ass tackled long ago.
Ha! Boy does Dan like wearing T-shirts. I mean, if you look up "T shirt" in the encyclopedia, you'll ... oh wait.
@38 awww you mean he can't wear an explosive vest?? Those things are dynamite!
See Dan, this is what we want. One up these great gals by including Michelle ;-)…
@38 "I'm not going to bother with the "dress code" thing. Dan didn't get called off the cuff yesterday. White House events take months to plan. He probably got a long-ish pdf with what is acceptable, what isn't"

As Vesper says to James Bond in Casino Royale, "There are jackets, and there are jackets..."
Anything, as long as it's red and sleeveless; if it's good enough for Michelle, it's good enough for you.
Congratulations! I can't wait to read about how it goes. And, yes, I really think you should invest in a nice suit. Even if you can't bear to wear a tie, put on matching pants and jacket and a good shirt. You are rich, right? But most importantly: it's the president!
You and Terry should be the freakin' guests of honor- you really started the ball rolling on this and the 2 of you DESERVE the recognition. Good on you!
As for sartorial choices, listen to what your Mom would've told you : )
Well deserved recognition for our Dan and Terry and the whole IGBP. 'Grats!!
When all is said and done, there will have been a lot more said than done.…

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