So we're just supposed to guess that he's speaking at Town Hall tomorrow at 7:30pm?
@1 I'm pretty sure Charles was going to just have a beer with him afterwards.

I don't need the acknowledgment, I just find it interesting, Charles, that whenever a Stranger staffer updates a post with something from the comments, they will either acknowledge that fact in the post or the comments themselves, except for you.

Something about how specific attribution is meaningless & obsolete on the collaborative symbiotic cyborg astral plane conscious hivemind construction that is the internet, perchance?
outercow, when someone catches a typo, am i supposed to give them credit too?
I'm just yanking yer chain, dude. You're the one that gets to make the rules, but you do seem to be the sole outlier in The Stranger staff in this regard (even when it comes to correcting lowly spelling errors), so far that I've noticed. Ya filthy non-conformist.

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