A South Carolina woman attacks two innocent pit bulls with a knife, killing one. The pit bulls were menacing her child, it's true, and they did attack her dog. But there are no problem dogs, just problem owners. This woman had a responsibility to look into who owned these dogs and assess how they had been cared for—kept outside? chained? used for fighting?—before defending herself, her child, and her dog from them. Perhaps the problem was that this woman read Dave's alarmist screed about how to protect yourself during a pit bull attack. From Dave's piece:

So you've stood still and avoided eye contact, and still the dog in question shows signs of dangerous aggression. If you can get yourself somewhere higher than the ground, do it. If you can stand on a car, stand on a car. (You can worry about possibly denting a stranger's hood and roof later—just get the fuck up there.)

From the news reports about this woman's depraved actions:

My little girl said, 'Mommy.' As I turned to the right to look at her, two pit bulls were walking up behind her," Davis told WYFF's Myra Ruiz. "How I got to her so fast is beyond me. I picked her up with one arm and just threw her on top of my car."