Update: Cinch up your garters, ladies—Westboro has confirmed its plans to protest Seattle Slutwalk.

Fred Phelps, world's best dad and patriarch of the Westboro Baptist Church*, has announced that members of his congregation will picket the upcoming Seattle Slutwalk, a women's rights march against sexual violence, scheduled for Father's Day.

Since gaining national attention for picketing the funerals of soldiers and gay people with their token "God Hates Fags" and "God Hates America" signs, church members have branched out to picket Mormon funerals, the national Holocaust museum in D.C., and even Swedish vacuum cleaners for their apparent promotion of the homosexual agenda.

Slutty eagle.
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But Slutwalk organizers—18-year-old high school student Robin Sacks, Western Washington freshman Samuel Schimmel, and Microsoft employee Jessi Murray—say they're unconcerned. "There’s going to be thousands of us and dozens of them," said Schimmel Friday afternoon when reached by phone, adding, "The big concern is the possibility of counter protesters countering them. We think that would detract from our message."

That message is twofold: To combat the idea that victims of sexual violence bear the burden of rape prevention by dressing less provocatively—or like sluts, as one Toronto police officer advised in January, sparking the now international Slutwalk marches.

The other reason, Schimmel says, is to remove the stigma of the word 'slut.' "Slut is an insult," says Schimmel. "It’s dis-favorable to be labeled a woman who has a lot of sex. It's dehumanizing." Slutwalkers are planning to meet June 19 at noon on Broadway and Pine and walk downtown to Westlake Park. For more info, go here.

*And, arguably, the nation's biggest theater fag.