SPD Officer Michael B. Renner was dispatched to the Rocksport Bar and Grill in West Seattle this past Monday, May 23 to deal with an alleged assault. When he arrived, he found a man with large lacerations and glass shards on his forehead—his apparent winnings from a "friendly" game of poker.

According to the police report, the victim attested that he and another man had been playing poker for several hours at the bar without incident (sic throughout). "[The victim] stated it was a friendly game and that there was no betting (no mmoney exchanged hands)," writes Officer Renner. The victim "did admitt there was some back and forth banter between the two but that was it."

Despite the "friendliness" of the poker match, things allegedly turned south during the last hand of the game: "[The victim] told me the suspect grabbed a large beer glass and smashed it into his head," writes Officer Renner. The victim offered no reason for the alleged assault, and witnesses apparently couldn't be found to corroborate the incident. "[The victim] told me he then fought the suspect until they were seperated [sic]."

The police report notes that the victim had several large cuts to his forehead from the glass. Medical responders recommended the victim get stitches but he reportedly declined.

In the end, the suspect was not found. Beware friendly games of poker.