This week Questionland is helping out all the parents in the world who have the unfun job of disciplining their children. It's a very difficult to find a good balance—you want to be strict, but you don't want to make the problem worse or scare the poor kid. So need a little help finding the most effective ways to discipline bad behavior? Just look at all the smart people waiting give you great advice:

There's Roslyn Duffy, one of the co-authors of the much lauded Positive Discipline; her husband, Vinnie Duffy, the director of Learning Tree—a Montessori Preschool; Lenore Rubin, a child psychologist; and Barry Wright, an elementary school principal.

These folks have tons of tricks up their sleeves that can help you set rules and boundaries without being a jerk or a pushover. So ask your questions now and turn your little brat into a well-behaved angel today!