The UN decided today that rights exist if you're gay.
Of course, this is America. Nobody gives a flying fuck what the UN says.
Did I hear him right? He isn't certain that marriage existed before we existed as a country?
@1 - this is the start of a slippery slope that can only lead to Kofi Annan giving Hugo Chavez a handjob on the podium with Angela Merkel & Hillary Clinton frenching passionately beside them.
Kyra Phillips is also somebody who hasn't always been a "friend" of the progressives. This is good stuff. Kudos, Kyra.
@4, i hate you for the images that are now in my head.
Go Kyra Phillips. Shooting fish in a barrel!
Some comment elsewhere pointed out that Tyree grew up in a single mother home with a sister or sisters, so under his formula, who taught him to be a man? (Though given is rant, I suppose you could argue that no one taught him, and that's the problem.)
"Lawlessness," David Tyree? Isn't going out of your way to get a document from the state that says you've got love feelings for a partner pretty lawful, in fact?
While it's nice to see anyone with this view being aggresively challenged on the subject, is the mainstream media doing this to politicians? Or just professional athletes?
Not the sturdiest helmet in the equipment room!
Aren't conservatives the ones who get all pissy about celebrities getting into political causes? Oh wait, that only applies to causes they disagree with.

Nothing to see here. Just typical conservative hypocrisy again.
"It's unnatural." Homosexuality isn't unnatural. But wearing clothes, piercing ears, driving a car and chasing an inflated pleather ball around a plastic grass field is unnatural.

My six-year-old has a better grasp on the differences between natural and unnatural than this guy does.

Phillips asks NOM's newest spokesbigot for his evidence that marriage equality will lead to anarchy or destroy straight marriage. He doesn't have any. Just his bigotry.

There can't be any evidence that same-sex marriage will destroy straight marriage because it wouldn't.

The claim that allowing same-sex marriage would lead to marriage "anarchy" at least has some reasonable basis. If we're going to expand the current definition of marriage to include a man and a man, and a woman and a woman (which we absolutely should do) then a case could be made that we should also expand it to include multiple partners or any two adults who love each other and want to marry, regardless of how closely related they are. However, I don't see allowing these as creating any kind of "anarchy" and feel that an adult should be able to marry any other adult (or adults) they want.
They picked a moron for their spokesperson. That's because all they have is morons. Their problem now is all the fear mongering, a usual tactic, can be proved false from the places that already have marriage equality. No anarchy, no breakdown of the family, no anything but equality.
I hate CNN.

It's funny that Tyree is doing this now, right after his former teammate Michael Strahan recorded a pro-gay marriage PSA for HRC.
Why even broadcast what this asshat says? He's just another ignorant thug who happens to be able to run fast with a ball.
He's a shithead. A bigot, ignorant of history, ignorant of the roots of his own religion, ignorant about vocabulary, and a shithead. Seriously, the 'shooting fish in a barrel' comment is right on. It was like listening to her attack a 4th grader.
The original intent of a marriage is to procreate? Really? We procreated just fine long before we thought to use rocks as tools, let alone set up a formal society.

"Throughout the ages, marriage has been about a man and a woman." Yeah, and I'm sure modern women would have no issue returning to such an arrangement as they had in ages past...
Why on earth does anyone care what an athlete thinks about anything? The man plays a children's game for a living.
Breaking news... Pro athlete - who gets his news and views from the pulpit - is unable to support talking points with facts so he resorts to religious dogma as justification.

Sorry, Tyree. "Just because" and "it's always been this way" doesn't cut it in the universe of ideas.

I loved the part where Tyree accuses Kyra of advocating for marriage equality simply for asking follow up questions. Ask Ted Olson how that distraction tactic played out for Maggie and her minions during the Prop 8 trail.
He doesn't actually say WHY it's unhealthy. Even if it is unnatural, WHY is that wrong. Why Why Why! Dammit. All Phillips had to do was ask him "why?" to all of his stupid statements and see him sputter.

If anything is unnatural, it's heterosexuality. Think of all the inherent differences between men and women. It makes a lot more sense to date someone of your own sex because you are better tuned emotionally, sexually, hormonally, etc.

Also with this whole Weiner scandal, I've realized that a LOT of het women don't like penises or male bodies at all, which I think is insanely unnatural. Why would you be disgusted by the thing that gives you pleasure? I'm attracted to women hence I find women's bodies and parts attractive. I really have no clue how you can like a certain sex but be turned off by their sex organs/naked bits. I couldn't imagine being disgusted by something I have my mouth on multiple times a week. Talk about unnatural.

And another thing, if he thinks having sex with men is so disgusting and unnatural, then why is he married to a straight women. Straight women constantly engage in the act (getting plowed by men) that he finds absolutely disgusting and depraved.
This is the debate. THIS. Social issues without any objective basis for significance other than the morons who are enthralled by it and support bigotry, or the persecuted subjected to apartheid as a result of the aforementioned morons. The great distraction continues. The media throwing bread into the starving mobs at the games. Holding people's rights up to a vote? When there are voters like this douche around? Pathetic. These debates, arguments and players represent the empire's death rattle. It's too bad, because there are still a few good people left here.
I just love that his arguments about marriage being "ordained by God" and "in the Bible" and stable a certain way "throughout the ages" could all be used to defend slavery as well. Clearly irony isn't his strong point.
I get the very strong sense that he feels he's been damaged by not having had a father while he was growing up. Too bad he's not targetting unmarried or divorced het couples. But ... he can't explode in a tirade against defaulting dads (or women who let them get away), so he chooses the most convenient target ... gay people. Because, really, it's ALL their fault.

And how dare there be kids growing up healthy, smart and well-adjusted, as well as loving their parents) in same-sex households. I guess those kids just don't know any better. /sarcasm.
Okay, his views on marriage are ignorant, but that aside, I couldn't help noticing that he said, "You don't adopt a child and change its name." That made me laugh, because unless the child is older when they're adopted, that is EXACTLY what you do. And even with older kids usually you change their last name.

Sigh... What is the world coming to when we value the opinions of celebrities over experts in the field??
Had a long exchange with Tyree over Twitter on Sunday. Most effective thing was tweeting him a pic from my wedding ceremony.

I'd encourage any/all of you to send similar images from gay weddings/ceremonies.

Twitter acct: @dtyree85
This guy is just straight up stupid. He has nothing to say, and I'm not sure why on earth they'd let him talk about this on a news show.
White supremacists have Tyree's back:…

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