Sign me up for Fudgepacking 101!
I don't know, the fudgepacking series doesn't really get good until you get a real professor. The TAs who teach the intro classes are just there so they can do their own research on their own topics. I'm waiting for fudgepacking 499.
Actually, the history of polygamous people and people who want to fuck chickens sounds like it'd be a boss class.
Does strike anyone else as TOTALLY DANGEROUS to be taping a video blog from your lap AS YOU DRIVE? If you can't drive while on the cell phone, what's the status of vlogging?
@4: While I'd love to have one more thing to think she's a douche about, I think she's in the passenger's seat. Unless it's a right-hand drive car.
Mmm, I love fudge. Hold the walnuts on mine, though.
They're already teaching polygamist history in schools.
I'm sure her home schooled kids will turn out just fine.
Just a quick reminder that most homeschooling parents, like most parents in general, aren't wretched, ignorant bigots. What an awful woman.
fuck that! im signin' up for fudge-packn 101 now!!!
No, they should teach logic in schools. Then no one would ever be duped by the Slippery Slope fallacy.
@ 4 & 5, the rest of her body movementd doesn't make it look like she's driving. Plus I think the steering wheel would show up in there. If she is driving she might be on an Apple laptop, which seems to reverse the images.
She's not the happy kind of sunshine, she's the kind that causes melanoma.
Naw, she's on the passenger side: her shoulder restraint is crossing down from right-to-left. If she was driving, it would be going the other way. Also, I think @12 is correct re: the steering wheel not appearing; at the very least her inside arm should be partially obscuring the image, even if the camera were placed too far forward of the wheel to catch it in the image field.
She's gross.
The comments on her youtube page are pretty universally negative.

She's not driving. She's just a self-important bore who can't wait to get home to do a decent job of recording her "video blog". She assumes that everyone is just sitting at home, hitting the refresh over and over, waiting for more of her particular form of nonsense.
Someone should tell her to take "good camera angles 90"
Ok, first i think she has it all mixed up- she’s having a hissy fit cuz she thinks they are going to teach children “how to engage in Homo$exual behavior” as opposed to being taught the contributions of Homo$exuals in history...
Second- if you learned about Alexander The Great, Frederick The Great, Queen Christina of Sweden, William III of England, Hadrain, Socrates, Phillip II of Macedon, Lord Byron, Walt Whitman (and many many others to name a few) in your history classes then you already have a “leg up” on the contributions of the Gheys...
P.S. I don't need to take any Fudgpacking 101 classes... Be happy to provide demonstrations tho'
Well I'll just be an ass and assume she's Christian and then wildly and with no evidence assume that she'd rather the Bible be taught in schools and then, crazy as I may be, conclude that she actually does want polygamy taught in schools and now I'm confused.
But chickenfuckers have proven to be effective proponents for literacy though.
That low camera angle is particularly flattering.
How many credits do I get for a class in Fudge-packing and can I repeat for additional credits?
Does she have the camera mounted to her vagina? I'm not one for taking advice from someone who looks down on me, literally.

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