Bill over at the blog Young Notions offers Rep. Hinkle, the rabidly anti-gay Indiana state rep in Indiana who got caught soliciting a male teenager on Craigslist, this timely message of hope:

You may think you’re alone but you’re not. If the last 50 Republican sex scandals have taught us anything, it’s that pretty much any republican who votes against gay marriage is most likely a closeted homosexual. Just like you, Rep. Hinkle. You’re not alone. It gets better.

I know you’ve been like this for many years and it’s hard to change. You’ve always known you were gay but didn’t want other people to know. You saw how openly gay people were bullied and thought if you bullied them even harder nobody would suspect your homosexuality so you became the biggest bully of all, a Republican politician. So many years you’ve lived this lie but it’s over now. You’re an old, old, super-old gay man. The sooner you embrace that, the sooner it will get better.

If you need any more encouragement, you can watch the videos at and hear the kind, inspiring words of loving people that you’ve been trying to politically curb stomp your entire career.

And speaking of anti-gay elected officials in Indiana: earlier this year Bil Browning profiled one of the Indiana state legislature's biggest—and straightest— messes.