Back in March I examined the anti-labor record of Republican gubernatorial wannabe Rob McKenna, asking the very reasonable question: "Could Washington Be the Next Wisconsin?" To which McKenna responded by calling me a "partisan hack" and kicking me out of his campaign kickoff press conference.

But my partisan hackery aside, the fact is that McKenna is profoundly anti-labor, and is proposing the same divisive, union-busting agenda pioneered by Republican Gov. Scott Walker in Wisconsin... at least judging by the rhetoric of the fundraising letters he's sending out to GOP supporters, in which he warns that lobbying by "public sector unions" is bankrupting our state:

[S]pending on state employees' pay and benefits have been growing year after year, crowding out spending on education and other programs crucial to Washington's future. These special interests will spend whatever it takes to keep growing their piece of the budgetary pie.

Just imagine what they'll spend if they think Republicans have a chance to ... change the priorities for state spending.

Um, yeah, I know... public sector unions like the WEA have been lobbying to increase spending on eduction. But who needs facts or logic when you've got raw, anti-union meat to throw to your Republican base? Anyway, read the whole fundraising letter (pdf) and tell me McKenna isn't campaigning on the exact agenda on which I said he would campaign.