Open only since the beginning of the year (but, hey, longer than Varro), Harlow's Saloon in Ballard has closed. The owner told Marti Jonjak that they just weren't making enough money; he had a choice to keep it going for another year, but he also owns Moshi Moshi Sushi (still open, still has big LED-illuminated cherry tree) and decided to throw in the towel on Harlow's. He has a one-year-old at home, he said, and it just wasn't worth the gamble.

The owner also said that the McLeods were going to take over and turn the place into a whiskey bar, but our contact from the late, great McLeod residence said he knows nothing of it, and that it must be a rogue McLeod on the loose. (Or maybe an unrelated McCloud?)

Marti says, "BUMMER! The place was gorgeous. I loved being there."