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I am not watching that, because I have much less faith that the cat gets up afterward than I did for the dogs.
What the fuck? Can you knock it off with the fucking videos of animals getting injured? There are websites out there for the sociopaths that get off on this shit - SLOG isn't one of them. Thanks, asshole.
Shouldn't that sort of video be left for to make available? Ruined my morning. Gee thanks.
What's next, Goldy? A series on athletes getting hit in the nuts?
It is pretty fucked the way he keeps riding. But why doesn't anyone bother finding out what happened to the cat. I'm sure a lot of people know. It has to be reported somewhere...

Hey, other commenters, if you don't want to see this, don't watch.

The dog really ran out there. The bicyclists boxed in the cat by going around the outside.
@ 6, it's kind of hard not to see what's in the still image. So shove that up your dipshitted ass, 'kay?

Goldy, these posts aren't helping your cause.
@7 What cause is that again?
That was really sad. Bummer.
There's a war on porpoises.…
Well, at least it was a black cat that crossed their path.

Poor gringo pussy cat.
@ 9, ask Goldy. I'm sure it has something to do with the Stranger's pro-bike pushback, but what, exactly, is a mystery.
Not cool.

Those look like some 3rd Avenue cyclists desperately racing towards lattes...normally a human would be under the wheel.
Dear Slog,
Kill yourself today Goldy, you are a total failure at life and nobody loves you.
@9 The fool @7 thought my cause was "anti-bikism", but it should be clear that my cause is compassion for the suffering of other living beings. I hope the race itself has some system in place for responding to accidents that occur in the race path that cause injury to others, even if it is not a human. But that Herman guy is a douche. I suppose one can understand being out of it in that race, but here he is on his twitter from his latest race in Colorado after seeing some bears: Nice to meat some animals in Colorado! Finally
He doesn't get it. He's left May's cat behind.

Republicans love the suffering of others. Technocrats ignore the suffering of animals...
@Goldy, I've certainly got no axe to grind with you, and I support your efforts to raise awareness about the dangers facing bicyclists in our fair city. But in case this thread is in any way an informal vote on "Should videos of animals getting injured/killed continue to be posted on Slog," I vote "No".
seriously Slog - the animals getting hurt trend is neither cute nor hilarious. I demand a sloth-baby video in penance.
Not cool at all. If I wanted tabloid-style snuff films I could easily go elsewhere. I like The Stranger for it's smart, snarky, over the top content... and this kind of crap is the exact opposite of that.
So glad I didn't watch that. Thanks, Sgt. Doom, for the Jedi kitties.
@20 Agreed.
Congrats Goldy for making the world a slightly shittier place than it already is.
@ 19, I made no reference to any "cause" of yours. Go read @ 7 again - the whole thing this time - then re-read the part addressed only to you a few more times. It specifically addressed your second paragraph @ 6, which was a stupid fucking thing to say.
Goldy, Dominic, Cienna.... Does slog have some policy of hiring the writers who will make the stranger look totally stupid?
To balance things out, here is a video of a world without cars and bicycles and with only a cat and an owl:
What. the.
Where is the pro-vegan argument that meat eaters are obligated to watch this video? The angry-vegan quotient of SLOG is very low this weekend.

FWIW the dogs you saw in the Tour de France did not all get up. You don't see it in the vids but a lot of dogs have died in that race, its always due to some dog owner who brings their dog out with the family to watch the race and does not have it on a leash. Stray cats are different.
Well, I for one laughed.

This is also a public service. This is what happens when you let your pets out of the house or don't spay and neuter them. They get squished and end up on YouTube.
Please don't post any more videos of animals getting hit by bikes.
@31: Oh, you're one of those huh?
My cat rolls around in the grass with sunshine in her fur and chases butterfiles. At times, she even grooms herself in the middle of 79th which upsets me. Still, I'm happy to have a happy cat with in-and-out privilges. I understand that some cats need to be inside and every situation is different - but that should be the exception and not the norm.
If we had an extensive network of dedicated cat lanes, this sort of thing wouldn't happen.
You need a fucking sock in the mouth Goldy.
@35 Not much goes on in a cat's brain.
I suggest that Goldy's cat pee on the kitchen stove front right burner, so that when he puts the kettle on tomorrow morning....
Seriously Goldy! WTF? Do not EVER do this AGAIN. Because I'm with sonder on this one, you deserve a sock in the mouth for these videos.
Stop it.
Is this because you are still mad at your cat for being an asshole, Goldy? If so, I suspect your cat doesn't follow the SLOG. You may want to try a different tact.

@28: Thank you for the cat and owl clip. It almost washed the "War on Cats" video out of my brain.
bad bad human pet owners.
cause wild critters NEVER end up ran over in the street.....
Hm, never thought I'd say this, but fuck you, Goldy.
Yes, Goldy, stop posting these. The Tour De France is a Special time. Yes, we know it is confusing for animals like this cat because they are confused by the unusual and therefore unpredictable activity. But, if they get hurt, it must be ignored because it is a Special time for bicycle riders. So please don't post anything like this again because it is a Special time when different rules and morals apply and we don't want to be reminded of that.
@33, not to turn this into a real war on cats thread (besides, I own two), but just Google the impacts of cats on migratory birds. Cats should be kept indoors...
stinkbug @28, that was amazing.
The Owl and the Pussy-cat went to sea
In a beautiful pea green boat,
They took some honey, and plenty of money,
Wrapped up in a five pound note.
The Owl looked up to the stars above,
And sang to a small guitar,
'O lovely Pussy! O Pussy my love,
What a beautiful Pussy you are,
You are,
You are!
What a beautiful Pussy you are!'…
I'm with @42. Fuck you, Goldy. You're a sick fuck if you think smearing a picture of a dying cat all over Slog does anything for cyclists, anti-cyclists, or even self-absorbed ironic hipsters. Keep your snuff porn fetish to yourself.
Wtf was the point of that? Readership? FU

I'm a massive cat lover and I'm not quite getting the reaction here. This thing happened, really. This is reality. It is sad and sometimes can't be fixed outside of the world of fantasy.
That sound is going to bed with me. Fuck.
God damn that freaked my cat out! Thanks a lot, arsehole.
@42 & 46

Absolutely. David Goldstein has come full circle:
Horse's Ass, meet horse's ass.
@ 48, so? Maybe videos of child molestation should be posted too? That's reality, after all.

Or maybe you're getting Goldy's subtle point and the rest of us aren't. Care to share your insight?
WHY would anyone post this...? Pro bike? Anti cat? Don't let your cats out?

Goldy, I sometimes read & agree with what you have to say, but I see zero sum point in this, other than emptily generating outrage hits. :( Fail.
@41 But nobody cares about roadkill.
What a disgusting piece of vomit you are, Goldy.

Making these videos and putting them on Youtube is one thing, but WHO THE HELL POSTS THEM ON THEIR BLOG???

What the hell is wrong with you, man???
I kind of thought the point was to get people to think about how human endeavors cause suffering to non humans with varying degrees of intentionality and a range of inherent ethical dilemmas. Every year a few animals are hurt, or killled, because bicycle races tie up the roads in a way that is so novel the animals don't know how to interact safely. But a large majority here don't really seem to care about that, but rather are hyperfocussed on their own wounded sensibilities.

I have been unable to find an article addressing the ultimate fate of the cat. Whereas there are innumerable articles focused on the racing life of Ben Hermans, and of course, this video itself. Basically, most humans don't give a shit about the suffering of others. Those who don't enjoy it care passionately that they not have to see it.
@54: I fucking care about road kill. I was driving in a neighborhood one mid morning this last spring when I saw a pair of ducks in the road ahead. The female had been killed and her mate would not leave her. Since there was no traffic I got out of my car, picked up the dead duck and moved it to the grass so her mate would not meet the same fate. Then I cried all the way to the office.

@56: I doubt very highly that that was Goldy's point. I think he's just finding categories of bikes vs whatever the fuck and throwing them up there because they are vaguely topical. I’d also like to point out that when a post can unite commenters that rarely have a civil word to say to one another then it’s a pretty fair bet that a line has been crossed
@57 I doubt this has united anyone. It just drove out the white narcissistic provincial hipsters for whom an animal got hurt video two pages down now has no immediate entertainment value, and bought out the literalist moralists capable of empathy with animals and those people who just don't like things that are yucky.

Your duck rescue story highlights for me what is so disturbing about the video - there is no response anywhere about what happened to the cat. Don't you want to know?
I demand a sloth-baby video in penance.

To fulfill the illegal trade in pet sloths, baby sloths are stolen from their mothers in the wild, and their teeth are ripped out of their mouths without the use of anesthetic (sloth teeth are sharp and poisonous). Sloths are also extremely sensitive to light, so any normal human home would pretty much blind one. Those "cute" sloth videos are actually of a horribly abused, traumatized, and blinded animal that's clinging to the nearest object out of abject terror.

I'd prefer that no sloth videos be posted here, thanks.
@58: I would love to hear that some one picked the cat up and took it a vet, but I’m assuming the cat was killed.
Again I say when people like Lord Basil and Matt in Denver are in agreement on something, and passionately at that, it should give one pause, and I hope Goldy will refrain in future from posting this sort of thing. The discussion I think you would like to have can be had with out these awful visual aids.
Can we have a video of old people getting mowed down next? How about toddlers?

This is repulsive.
@55 Great God Almighty. It had to happen sometime. I find myself in complete agreement with one of Lord Basil's posts.
Goldy = douchebag, hipster-arsehole
Just to re-iterate: Goldy, you suck
That cat was not a stray. He is well fed and probably walked that street every day as part of his territory. Most likely, he has never seen a bike race and did not know of the danger. Now if he lives, he will most likely be paralyzed. I am shocked that Goldy thinks sharing it with Slog readers is OK, and I am saddened because the rider never stopped and barely slowed down. Rest in Peace, my innocent.
Oh, and Goldy, I want you and all of the advertisers on Slog to know that I will never visit this site again, nor will I ever read another copy of the Stranger as long as you are on the staff.
I'm glad I always read the comments before I read an article because I got to avoid seeing this horror. I'm sure you're happy with yourself Goldy for stooping to the level of....well, actually youtube and all other video sharing sites would take a video like this down so really you've stooped to the level of an underground snuff site. My aren't you cool! Asshole.

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