Find photos of the gassing right here.(Bonus points: The cops gassed a woman in a wheelchair.) Right here are photos of rubber bullet (or maybe bean bag or empty tear gas canister) injuries (this photo is way grosser). Here's video of the police tossing flash grenades and tear gas at the crowds. Wonkette points out that President Obama is right across the bay at a fundraiser with very wealthy tech people right now.

The best source for information about what's going on at Occupy Oakland is Twitter.

UPDATE: And if you can't stand Twitter, Mother Jones is live-blogging the whole thing, although most of their information comes from Twitter. CNN is not covering this news because they are busy waiting for your questions for Ray Liotta.

UPDATE: And there's live footage off and on right here.

FINAL UPDATE: At least ten protesters are reportedly being treated for injuries at a local hospital. The remaining protesters are treating the police to a slow clap and an a cappella version of The Imperial March from Star Wars. CNN still has no sign of Occupy Oakland coverage, although they do have a lot to say on their front page about McRibs, a woman who went on a diet to become a Miss America contender, and an interview with CNN reporter Nancy Grace about how tough it was for her to go on Dancing with the Stars. They should be proud of themselves for a job well done tonight.