Three Nova High School students were taking a walk through the adjacent Miller Playfield in Capitol Hill just after school ended at 4:00 p.m. last Wednesday, when a passing group of four teenage males allegedly attacked one of them, according to a Seattle police report.

One of the four guys reportedly asked the students, "Hey, do you go to this school?" the police report continues. After students said yes and kept walking, the men began to attack one of them who was lagging behind. "One of the suspects appeared to be holding some type of dark-colored thin 'metal wire,' which he may have used to strike [the victim] on the forehead, resulting in a bleeding horizontal laceration about 1" long," writes Officer Stolitz.

The two other students started running away, until one of them "ran back to the suspects and kicked one of them in the head, whereupon the suspect reportedly yelled, 'You're dead!'" according to police records. But when an assailant turned to confront the student, the student screamed, prompting the teenage males to flee.

Officer Stolitz described the victim's injuries: "bleeding laceration above his left eye, several bleeding abrasions on his left elbow and visible scratches with redness on the left side of his neck." As for the motive, the victim told police that one of the suspects tried to grab his wallet, but never asked for it, and that the man asked where they went to school. Seattle Public Schools spokeswoman Teresa Wippel confirms the incident and says the "student is okay."