Hmm. Good thing there isn't a report by the DOJ of the SPD being out of control and routinely violating constitutional protections of Citizens ...
Some of the things Occupy Seattle has done reminds of some bizarre version of The Big Lewbowski.

"Its not fair, he got a light bruising, give us the sympathy Seattle!", Anarchists

Maybe he should shop is sad story to the Vatican?
You again?

STFU and get lost
or we're coming down the to personally give you
a real kickass beatdown....
I accidentally found myself in the middle of the WTO protests before the violence started. My first thought was I'd better get the hell out of here before I get my ass beat.
Whoa, that is one big dude.

Preacher man, you sure do look a lot shorter in your head-shot photo.

Anyone have a link to the video that actually works?

Best I can find is the Komo report, but that's not the original.
I got stuck at "White overcoat". And without video, all I can imagine is:

Doctor! Science-Wizard! Inmate! Pimp!

But 'Clergy'? with a white overcoat? How could you?

Oh, whoops, yer a Methodist. Nevermind..
Yesterday afternoon, I filed a public records request for the rest of the SPD videos from the port action. When I receive those, I'll happily share them with John and the rest of the world.
If only there was an example of a civil rights leader who championed the use of non-violence as the only way to illustrate the unjust violence being used against them and create change on a national level. Why, we could even name a day after him.
Didn't we make ourselves clear in the last comments thread?
"“The idea that, even if some things were thrown, that it makes it appropriate to pull down a peaceful person and then hit them in the face—that’s ludicrous," Helmiere said. "I think any normal person would agree that’s not necessary. It’s an act of intimidation.”

No it's not. You were part of a violent mob, and our police force acted with the appropriate amount of suppression to put your 'protest' down.

Frankly, I'm astounded at your straight faced hypocrisy, claiming YOU are the victim, while you were engaging in an act of hate yourself.

you aren't a victim of anything but the justice of the people.
Occupy Seattle thinks -- or are telling themselves -- that the people throwing flares were undercover cops trying to make them look bad (GA minutes, 12-13-11).

Perhaps that is indeed the case, but it does occur to me their "process" is a really great way for them to take no responsibility for anything ever (if 80% of the fifteen people at a GA didn't approve it via the People's Mic hand signals, then it just isn't something they have to deal with).
I have no sympathy for the man quite honestly. When a person knowingly places self in a violent situation, one must prepare for the consequences that may result. Perhaps this so-called "minister," should remember the words: What Would Jesus Do?" Trust me, I see no evidence that Christ would have been a protester supporting the assault on authorities.
@14: A peaceful demonstration is not a violent situation. Best I can tell, every Occupy Seattle action has been peaceful until the police engaged in physical violence.

Suspected violation of the law should result in arrest and prosecution, not assault and battery.
all of the people who love to shout things about "violent mobs" and "violent behavior of protesters" are never the ones who were there. strangely, the people who WERE there overwhelmingly say the protesters were peaceful and the police violent. i was there. i do not participate or condone violence, whether from protestors or police. i would not continue to support a movement that was not peaceful. the police video is so choppy and short because they are editing out all of the violent things the police did immediately proceeding these snippets they show the world. the truth is, the police brought in 3 (very jumpy and nervous) horses into a crowd, who proceeded to trample at least on protester; knocked down several harmless women, shoved, hit and arrested non violent protesters, and then filmed the 2 or 3 people who reacted with force and blamed the entire group (of several hundred people) for being violent. btw, the bar (never shown thrown) and bags were on the ground WHERE THE PROTESTERS HAD BEEN STANDING. i did clearly see in the video (and hear about from other protesters) the flare being thrown, and in another shot i do see a crumpled lunch bag being thrown (but can not tell if it is full of paint or not), however look at the actions of the police in the video during theses events. the protesters were standing still, any movement was the police rushing and tackling them. in person the force (at least to me, a 5'2" 120lb woman), is unbelievable. with all their resources, this is the most damning evidence they can muster? a few looped clips that are heavily edited? why not release the entire video? why are there pauses and jumps? regular citizen videos of these events are much better quality, why is that?

ps - in case you want to see the actual faces of these "angry, violent mobs" here is a link of me, looking really scary to the spd, i'm sure, minutes before all hell broke loose...…
@ #15 and @16 Amazing! You were there and did not see what the police video shows? Hmmm, more than amazing actually. Police don't crack skulls for no reason. Your paradigm includes a utopia that will never exist. Moreover, your idea of police brutality is childish. Go to China and try the inane Occupy bullcrap and see what happens. My guess is that the lot of you are cowards, hellbent on creating havoc because people with money won't pay your way through life. Grow up, get a job and be productive.
@17 - "Police don't crack skulls for no reason."

Tell that to the family of John T. Williams.
@ #18 People always love to bash the cops. It's usually because of the fact that they have great difficulty following and/or obeying the law.
yeah, funny, even the DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE loves to bash our wonderful seattle police. just because it may be worse in other countries does not make these actions acceptable in the US.

and ps: i could probably buy and sell you, two times over, in cash, today. i occupy not because i'm poor, but because i love my country (and my planet) and i refuse to remain silent as the world is being exploited and oppressed by the corporate elite. your laughable insults only highlight your ignorance about who the protesters are and why they are there.
@ #20 Buy me? What a riot (no pun intended)! You have no earthly idea who I am, but I don't troll around the Internet bragging about my wealth or lack thereof. Corporate elite? Why don't you protest yourself and your perennial ignorance for being so wealthy?

I'm not a 1%'er yet, but I am working on it.

As for the planet comment, I see you're a probable environmentalist. Go hug a tree, you'll get better results than you would wasting your life at an Occupy event.
By the way, anyone who gives any credibility to the current DOJ cannot possibly be in the right state of mind. Inasmuch as Eric Holder is more like than not to be criminally liable on several issues, to give him and/or his staff a voice vis a vis the Seattle Police is to mock true justice.

Were you aware that Eric "I'm above the law" Holder has been officially linked to the OKC bombing? Indeed, seems "Eric the Red" authorized the sale of the necessary ingredients to McVeigh et al and then his Just Us department lost track of their sting targets. The result is history.

Can't tell if epic trolling.....
Meant @14
@14 is not epic at all, just an awkward infant troll trying out his chubby little toddler troll legs for the first time... awww.
in fact it requires all our consider powers of self control not to smash our fist through the computer screen every time the "minister's" pussy mug scrolls by.......
@ #25 Too bad you get all pissy with people who have a different paradigm with you. Perhaps when you grow up you'll see the world in a much different way. We can only hope.
Any protest that is taking away a paycheck from a blue collar worker should not be considered a "peacful protest" You can't just go around shutting down buisness opperations and continue to cry "but it was just a peacful protest!"
The Occupy the Port action was supported by the most exploited port workers, the truckers:…

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