Great news... but watch out for weasel words:

We will continue to fund existing grants, including those of Planned Parenthood, and preserve their eligibility to apply for future grants...

None of Komen's "existing grants" to Planned Parenthood—money Pink Handguns, Inc., had already promised to Planned Parenthood—had been pulled. And Pink Handguns, Inc., never said that Planned Parenthood couldn't apply for grants. Planned Parenthood could apply for all the Komen grants they wanted to. But so long as Planned Parenthood was being subjected to politically-motivated "investigations" by some rightwing douchebag with a congressional committee—investigations that would go on forever, of course, if keeping 'em going meant taking money from Planned Parenthood (and killing poor women)—Komen wouldn't award Planned Parenthood any grants.

Pink Handguns, Inc., now says that they won't deny any orgs funding unless an investigation is "criminal and conclusive in nature." What does that mean? Does it mean an investigation has to be over and it has to have found that crimes were committed? Or does it mean that some trumped-up, bullshit, politically-motivated charge of criminal behavior and the existence ongoing investigation—but one that is somehow "conclusive in nature" (what does "in nature" mean in this context?)—will be grounds to deny grants to Planned Parenthood?

It's unclear.

But, hey: I welcome this news. I love a good cave. But this could be an effort by Pink Handguns, Inc., to end the uproar for now, kick the can down the road, before they make a second attempt to defund Planned Parenthood. We won't know if Komen has truly reversed itself until 2012's grants are announced. And until then...

No one with any sense should give the rightwing douchehags at Pink Handguns, Inc., one red cent.