This morning, local distillers directly delivered their first bottles of liquor to bars and restaurants since Prohibition. Here's Rusty Figgins from Batch 206, delivering a box of vodka to Oddfellows:

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This is the first day of the first moments of 1183, the initiative that has privatized the distribution of liquor in Washington state. Battles are still raging behind the scenes between Costco and the two major liquor distributors—Southern and Young's—over how the liquor control board will interpret certain parts of the law, including who will have control over the almighty distribution channels between the distilleries and store shelves. It's a fight to the death amongst the middlemen.

Meanwhile, the clock is running down on state liquor stores. The next big deadlines are May 31, when Washington state liquor stores will shut down, and June 1, when retailers will begin selling spirits. Another photo of this minorly historic moment (with Figgins and Jeff Steichen of 206, plus Oddfellows owner Linda Derschang holding her first check for a private distiller) is below the jump.

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