Damn, that's the same night as the WET fundraiser...
That's a great idea for a location. I'm guessing many departing guests will at least think about taking a whiz on the Chihuly museum going up right there.
@2 don't cross the streams,

That would be ... Bad.
Good luck Andy! Hope to be there
Tickets, purchased! This should be a grand old time.
I want to go to this, but there is a match first, so I couldn't get there until 9:30, that's 90 minutes of free vip drinks I would be missing....
Hm. I will be at Seattle Center that evening. We shall have to see if I consider it worth going. Hm. I have a lot of thinking to do.
I may have to climb the Space needle all over agian.
The only sort of genius Seattle awards are the evil variety. Hammering Man is an insult to the working class. Labor as 2-dimensional featureless flat black (long-necked) men and women embroiled in endless, strenuous, monotonous toil amidst the leisure class whose artistic sentiment is no more refined than a whirlygig. It takes an evil genius to convince the unsuspecting lower classes to believe this glaring insult to their character is art. Don't get me started on the similarly insulting Sculpture Garden.

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