Lesbian poet Staceyann Chin wrote a piece of the Guardian about her habit of chasing—and bagging—straight girls. Gabrielle Rivera isn't having it:

As a lesbian, bisexual or queer woman, it’s almost inevitable that you will crush on, fuck and/or be emotionally tormented by a straight chick. One, they’re EVERYWHERE. They're eating ice cream in Central Park with their perfectly glossed lips. They’re helping you study for your chemistry final in that miniskirt that kills you the higher it slips up her thighs. Oh and they’re also walking down the street holding hands with their boyfriends. Boyfriends that they are most likely actually in love with because they’re not just “straight chicks,” they’re also Women with actual FEELINGS. Did Chin happen to maybe forget that somewhere along the road to lesbianism? Like that straight women are people? According to Chin, the best time to lay down the dyke moves is when this straight woman has been crushed by her dude, which leads us to WTF Moment #1:

…wait until there is a crack in the lack of respect her boyfriend has for her…mention you would never treat a woman like that…then wait for him to mess up big…

What in the name of creeper hell kind of advice is that for one woman to be giving out to other women?

Read the whole thing here.