Seattle Times is just the local version of Fox News.
I think I would like his wife.
The Times and the mayor have been showing each other their asses from the get-go - it's hard to make up my mind who to feel less sorry for. The spotlight-hungry mayor whose early term was characteriazed by surly conceit? The editorially flat daily a little too proud to have the only big reporting bullpen left in town?

Beyond the amusing detail that it takes Pickus "a lot of his day" to email Times links around the office, it's super the mayor comes home from school a family who understand the proper paradigm: he's a schoolchild harassed by youthful bullies.

It gets better. Once you've left the mayor's office behind, it gets better. Not much longer to hold on at City Hall. Courage.
She should run for mayor.
Why would anyone under 78 years old get a newspaper delivered to their house? It's on the intertubes ya know.
The “bullying” term is going a bit far, but I agree – what does his physical appearance have anything to do with the theft?

“opposition to a car-honoring tunnel” oh, puhlease.

The inclusion of reader e-mails was an idiotic touch. Was Lynn so desperate to fill space? Lazy? Or is she just mean-spirited?
We only get the Seattle Times because our kids like to read the comics. I only read *one* of the comics, and if it wasn't for these things, we'd drop it like a hot rock due to the Neanderthal editorial stance. (And my apologies to Neanderthals).
What kind of city daily newspaper advocates putting their major league sports team in a different city?

Fact is, if your name is Lynn and you work for the Times, you're probably a pretty lousy person in general.
LOL right, I forgot, if the mayor's wife cancels the home delivery of the newspaper, then its just that the mayor is evil. Very FOX news.
Ohhhh, now I finally understand the meaning of the Times' tagline: "Local Politicians Are Obligated to Buy Us!"
I don't see anything wrong with the article nor do I see anything wrong with canceling the subscription. The article is a light piece referencing the mayor's reputation as a biker and pretty much reflects the common and divided opinion of Seattleites. As for the subscription, well, the Times does kinda suck.
Silly me. I thought it was THIS article that did it:
So politicians need to take loyalty oaths to the Blethen tribe's financial interests now as some sort of civic virtue? Yeah, right. The annual 0.5% reduction in the relevance, power, and value of the Times continues on it's inevitable course.

What next, Frank and Ryan Blethen take a cue from Seattle Pride and demand an honor tax from politicians directly?
hell, i dropped them when they endorsed bush in 2000. then again after they switched me to the times after the PI died. their bias is obvious and i don't care to fund it.

so good for her.
What kind of newspaper whines on twitter about someone cancelling their subscription?
One more reason to like the mayor (and his wife).
What kind of business calls out specific people fo not using their product?

What kind of people cancel their Seattle Times subscription?

People with an Internet connection.
People with a smartphone.
People who read that OpEd or News story when it was originally published in the New York Times two days ago.
People who think the biggest daily in the state shouldn't rely on the AP for stories on the Governors race.
People who think the largest daily in the state should send a reporter to every press event held by candidates for governor that occur in their own damn city, a few short miles from said daily's headquarters.
Our own Mrs. Vel-DuRay called it the Fairview Avenue Retirement Center last week. Brilliant!

I was raised on The Times, back when it was an evening paper. But I switched to the P.I. when I was old enough to know better. Then I canceled my subscription after they drove the P.I out of business. The Times can suck it.

P.s. to Goldy: What's new with you applying to be on their editorial board?
His wife chooses to fuck him, we get fucked by him.

As for all the "Seattle Times" is biased morons, so what? What do you think this rag is? At The Stranger, if you're not cutting off your cock and replacing it with a cunt you don't exist.
This is a non-issue. Boardman's public whinging is petty and gives me another (tiny) reason to avoid the Times.
@20 - you continue to contribute absolutely nothing useful to anyone.

@21 - agreed.
Gus wins. Again.
@21: it's not biased towards my biases, but the stranger is. i am not obligated to fund the blethen's agenda so i can read, as @18 notes, 2-day old NYT editorials.

how, precisely is mcginn "fucking" us?
If Ms. Lynch thinks her husband is being bullied, she needs to go read the Economist's take on whether Dan Savage was bullying Christianists (…). As the Economist points out, "Bullying is the strong picking on the weak, not the other way around (the other way around is satire)."
"Boardman declined to respond to Lynch's statements"

Fuckin' pussy. Dish it but you can't take it, huh?
@24, oh, you!
Er, @23, of course. How embarrassin'.
On the whole, the Seattle Times is garbage. I don't know why anyone would pay money for it.
Maybe the mayor and his family live in such a bubble they don't realize that most people don't actually like the mayor, so it shocks them to realize that. As a former city employee told me, before she left the state, "Who does like the mayor? Can you name them? I'd like to meet that person!"
If only everyone would cancel their Seattle Times subscriptions at once...
Fox News is just the national version of the Seattle Suburban Times.

Both hate America, but in different ways.
@30 just you suburbanites.
@33 Bullshit, Will.

And what a stupid remark. Local media criticizing a sitting politician (even if it is the asinine Seattle Times) is not "bullying." Not in any way, shape or form. To make that claim is to denigrate and belittle the experiences of the real victims of bullying in our community. Shameful, really.
I cancelled my subscription 15 years ago, and they called me once a week until I finally changed my number. It's a terrible newspaper for awful people.
Lol, what a bunch of weirdos Slog commenters are.

What difference does it make if she thinks it's bullying? He's a politician; he's obligated to suck it up. She's a private citizen and can get pissed off about it all she wants.
$24/year for the Sunday paper, just for the coupons.
How about the kind of mayor whose city's newspaper is a worthless out-of-touch rag, you smarmy, entitled fossil?

Fuck the Times. Ugh.
Very Bad Homo: I had the same problem, they kept calling me asking me to renew my subscription. With all sorts of enticing goodies thrown in ("Free messenger bag too!").

If you tell them often enough that you think their shit rag is shit, their editorial board is a bunch of fucking idiots, the Blethen family can't run a business to save their worthless lives, and you'd like to see the entire goddamn mess go bankrupt and quit publishing (with a few more salty words thrown in for good measure), they quit calling you. The trick is to not deviate from the script each time they call you.
P.s. I was always polite to the actual person on the other end of the line; they are a real person, doing a crappy job for low pay. They would say thanks (after a slight pause), then wish me a nice day. I returned the favor, wishing them a nice day, explaining it was not anything personal. I just didn't want their paper.
@37: The difference it makes is that it shows she has no idea what bullying is. The mayor is not some powerless kid who can be oppressed and bullied. His wife's crying that her poor husband's being bullied is wrong and needs to be called out.
The mayor has to have a home subscription to the paper? Is that in the City Charter?
There are thousands who do not buy Or read Seattle Times, do why Mayor's wife not buying paper is news. Who cares? Except Seattle Times?
"McGuin gets his bike stolen and more about how much we hate him later" - Hmm I wonder who stole his bike, maybe the same people benefiting from it's loss? hahahaha oh this is political gold right here, the best comes from that Seattle Times guy who thought it funny enough to be a twat about it but when confronted with the customer backs off entirely. The Seattle Times isn't worth the paper it's printed on? How do I vote for this family again.
I read the article too. Very 'Fox-like' to include a comment from someone who thinks the Mayor is fat like Homer Simpson. Kind of like what FOX does, "Some people say..."

This kind of making fun of how politicians look seems to run through the Seattle Times. It's pretty disgusting really. Every week, Joni Balter from the Seattle Times gets on KUOW and talks it up on Weekday. Like clockwork, she does her best to talk about Dennis Kucinich and make fun of him for being so short and weird looking. Look in the mirror Joni! I don't think I've EVER heard her talk about a single policy issue that Kucinich supported. Not once. She's just so outraged that he's a liberal and obviously all liberals are evil muthas. Nor does she mention that Kucinich voted NOT to attack Iraq, a policy that would have saved this country over $1 TRILLION and hundreds of thousands of lives not to mention the billions we're going to spend on health care for veterans for the rest of their lives.

Those people at the Seattle Times should be celebrating the 'free market' and how the 'creative destruction' of their newspaper will lead to more relevant businesses like facejoke, err, facecrook, errr.. facebook.

Probably only a matter of time until the Seattle Times cuts the daily completely like they did in New Orleans.

New Orleans newspaper cuts print edition to three days a week…

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