Think the rest of the local media would have picked up that story, despite my partisan reputation? You betcha, as long as I had my facts straight, just like I do in my reporting that Reagan Dunn lied about his resume:

"It's a materially misleading statement," says Professor John Strait, who teaches legal ethics at Seattle University School of Law. Legal interns might assist with cases under "Rule 9," explains Strait, but "you wouldn't describe it as practicing law."

"We discipline Rule 9 interns who identify themselves as lawyers," says Strait. "They're not. They're not supposed to do that."

So if Dunn had been caught in a consensual sexual relationship, that would have been widely reported despite its lack of relevance to anything but his marriage. (Isn't that right, Dow?) But a Republican candidate for attorney general padding his resume by repeatedly claiming to have been an attorney during two years when he wasn't? Nope, no story there. Just not sexy enough. And besides, that Goldy... he's such a partisan hack!