King County Council members Reagan Dunn and Bob Ferguson, vying against each other in the race for attorney general, have a bit of an ongoing spat over Dunn's work ethic. At last month's AG's debate, Ferguson accused Dunn of missing the most votes on the council, a charge Dunn attempted to parry by claiming an impressive attendance record. The discrepancy, explained Ferguson, was due to the fact that Dunn often shows up for roll call, but leaves before the council's business can be completed.

It was in this context that I mentioned seeing Dunn show up for the start of last night's joint council public hearing on the proposed new Sonics arena, but leaving before most members of the public had a chance to speak, an observation that prompted Slog commenter TheRain to ask:

[I]s Reagan Dunn really that stupid, that he would live Ferguson's most vocal criticism so thoroughly at one of the bigger meetings they've had?

Um, yeah. Apparently.

“Once again, Reagan Dunn shows little interest in doing the job taxpayers hired him to perform,” Ferguson, who stayed for the entire hearing, said earlier today via a press release. “It’s not just an important part of the deliberation process, it is disrespectful to both supporters and opponents, many of whom waited for hours to address the Councils, for Dunn to slip out only minutes into the hearing.”

As Woody Allen famously said: "Eighty percent of success is showing up." Of course, staying and listening wouldn't hurt either.