On Tuesday afternoon, a man was launching a boat with his little dog on the shore of Lake Washington, near Seward Park Avenue South, when a man with a light-brown pit bull approached. The pit bull owner allegedly said, simply, "Fuck you and your little dog," according to a police report.

Why did he spontaneously berate the man and Toto? The report doesn't say. It just gives one side of the story and provides no motive for what happened next.

The pit bull owner reportedly said "Hit Him," a phrase which prompted the pit bull to begin attacking the little dog. The man "tried to kick the pit bull off of his [small] dog," at which point the pit bull owner "picked up a rock and hit [the other man] in the face," the report explains.

The man struggled to defend himself, and the assailant fled with his pit bull.

The man with the little dog "received a laceration to his nose and left eyebrow," and his dog "sustained multiple injuries," according to the report. A witness corroborated the victim's version of events, but the police report doesn't mention finding a suspect.