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It does make answering the question easy, however vulgar.
Advertisements shit on society.
I don't get it. Mark Seliger is a photographer who's done covers for Rolling Stone. Diltz is also a rock photographer, famous for taking pictures of the Monkees. "Who Shot Rock and Roll" must be about photography and rock and roll and these must be portraits that they made. It's a pun. What's offensive about it?
That's kickass. Super refreshing to see a city using the cliche of lightpole banners for messages beyond the bland PR claptrap we do in Seattle. The exhibit is curated by Gail Buckland, originally shown in Brooklyn. http://www.annenbergspaceforphotography.…
No - it's ok.
These ruined my morning a couple months back when they first went up. A coworker arguing that they were a "clever" way to promote a photography exhibit stuck in my craw for weeks. I hate these so much.
Dan: Considering that you've made your career in part by saying things that outrage the pearl-clutching moralizers, I think this post would be less hypocritical-sounding, and more interesting, if you ditched the pronouncement and instead presented it as a question:

"Apparently there's a John Lennon version too. Is this okay?"
'Cause only pearl-clutching moralizers dislike it when people use real-life firearm suicides and murders as fodder for their weak-punning marketing attempts.
Jokes about the actual deaths of actual people ARE kind of creepy when done by advertisers.
This is perfectly fine. If you don't want people making puns about how you shot yourself in the head, don't shoot yourself in the head.

(Also, I would like to point out that this post comes from a theatermaker who shoved a Kurt Cobain suicide joke into a performance of "Macbeth" being performed in Seattle ON THE DAY NEWS BROKE OF KURT'S SUICIDE. It remained in the show for the rest of the run. And it was a GOOD JOKE!)
@12, I knew it! John Lennon SHOT HIMSELF! It wasn't Stephen King after all!

I still maintain that JFK was killed by a marauding Bengal tiger.
@12, our own seandr remembers that:…
The lack of a question mark at the end of the question is going to haunt me. Is it a question? Is it omitted from all promotions or just these signs to appease graphic design symmetry?

Who Shot Rock & Roll


Kurt and Lennon don't care. Dimebag Darrell is miffed.
Eh. If you're in LA, your day is already shot. Who cares?
Reminded me of this Cereal Guy cartoon:…
Am I supposed to know who that is? The filenames doesn't exactly make identification easy.
Being offended by this takes the cake for retarded over-sensitive Internet histrionics this week.
Oh please, this from the guy who rocks out to Original Broadway Cast Recordings.

@20, and what, exactly, is wrong with original Broadway cast recordings? Are you one of those people who prefer the soundtrack version? Hey, that's cool.
This show was in NYC a few years back and it's amazing. Totally worth seeing. And the "shot" is about photography not about guns and bullets. Though I agree it would be more tasteful not to have Cobain and Lennon pictures directly next to the name of the show.
Too soon?

Welcome back to LA, Dan. I don't have to add my name to the very long list of congrats, but I will because I must. I'm so proud of you and Terry.
@9: Way to completely miss my point.
Who shot a load? That's something I'd go see.
I hate it when 5280 is right.
Savage, despite having a pretty bitches stage name, clearly does not understand rocknroll.

Hell, I still call "Cobain!" so can Claim the passenger seat.
Nobody walks in LA...
Kurt Cobain shot himself, John Lennon did not


One of your most Ardent FanBoys

(Bob. In Baltimore....)

claims to have found a secret recording of you from 2006

in which you endorse legalizing Polygamy.

He has even posted a transcript
(on Slog, for crying out loud.
Punked on your on blog!
damn- the internets are a jungle....)

"I have the same reaction to legalizing marriage for gays as I do for polygamists. What’s the big deal? Legalize it. It’s kind of like arguing against giving women the vote because then women will want to enter the work force. (Horrors!)"-Dan Savage

Please clarify.....

(we call this to your attention because we are sure you want to get out in front of this budding scandal early...)
@20 Nothing wrong with it, just doesn't lend much credence to passing judgement on Rock subjects. And yes, I prefer the soundtracks. I'm all about the spit and polish.

Now if you'll excuse me I have a Chicago/Avenue Q/Wicked/The Book of Mormon marathon to listen to.
@12 - details please? What was the joke?

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