Eli, there's an ad in the paper this week too. See page 54.
This is just an ad for Mckenna--trying to get people to associate his name with Obama and R74. That's why he's in the center and in blue. It's a trick!
That's how I'm voting. I've met Inslee. He's a fucking moron.
You're going to see more of this as downticket candidates in Obama-landslide states drop Romney like he's hot.
What does it say about the GOP if the only way they think they can get elected is by tricks? Never mind the straight up voter suppression, this is just more proof that their ideology is bankrupt.
That's awesome, "I support Obama and the Governor that wants to roadblock Obama". Definitely interested in his logic on that one, cause I can't find it.
Can you clarify which businesses he CURRENTLY owns or has a major stake in, so I know where not to support? I like Neumo's and it's two blocks from home, I'm down to avoid the Croc from now on though.
this douchenozzle owns neumos? well, no more shows there, then. decibel should find a new venue.
@7 typical cap hill tards

I boycott stuff thats far away, but stuff thats near me ( that matters ) is too hard...
This guy just wants somebody in office that will repeal health care reform so he isn't required by law to give health insurance to his employees.

Everybody knows Obama will win Washington state and R74 is a popular initiative in the city. Mckenna needs the Puget Sound vote and who else reads The Stranger?

I'm guessing he hasn't placed any of these ads in small town newspapers where Obama and R74 are less popular.
Maybe a trick by Obama trying to tailgate on the next Govenor's coat tails. . .

You sheeple are so naive. Do you honestly believe that Obama, or any other politician gives a shit about you? You are just "bumps in the road" or "useful idiots". . .
Democrats for McKenna!

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