Over at HA, we used to refer to Dino Rossi economics advisor Matt Manweller as "the Nutty Professor" for his crazy conservative commentary and his fierce advocacy for slashing the state's minimum wage. The video of him verbally abusing a Democratic activist, in which Manweller describes 300,000 minimum wage workers as "dumber than a doorpost," probably helped cost Rossi the election.

Four years later, Manweller is the Republican nominee for the state house from Central Washington's 13th Legislative District. And he's turning out to be just as fierce a defender of traditional marriage:

Manweller has gone on record against gay marriage, affirming traditional marriage: between one man and one woman.

Or, in the case of Manweller's first marriage, between one man and one girl.

Manweller appears to have met his first wife, Oralynn Reeve, in 1997 at Hurricane High School in Hurricane, Utah, where she was a sophomore and he was a math teacher. According to the school's 1997-1998 yearbook (login required), the then-29-year-old Manweller coached the boys varsity soccer team; Reeve was the team's manager. The couple married in Idaho on June 23, 2000, just weeks after Reeve graduated high school. She was 18, he was 31.

Curiously, that was Manweller's only year teaching at Hurricane High. Double-curiously, it's also the only relevant job experience he excludes from his resume. Huh.

Manweller and Reeve eventually went through a messy divorce (Yakima County court records include birth dates, wedding date, and allegations that Manweller physically threatened and stalked Reeve) that was finalized in April, 2009. Almost immediately thereafter, Manweller traditionally married his second wife, Shelley. They now have two children, including a three-year-old boy.

Yay for traditional marriage!

And Reeve isn't the only young female student with whom Manweller is alleged to have displayed a prurient interest. A former student of his at Central Washington University alleges that he made inappropriate sexual advances to her in 2006. An internal CWU investigation concluded that "evidence exists to suggest" that Manweller violated the university's sexual harassment policies, but that the allegations could not be proven. He was not disciplined.

Manweller's campaign did not respond to a request for comment.