Wait.. a majority want new taxes. Yet a majority also want
to continue to hamstring the legislatures ability to raise new taxes? The cognitive disconnect among Washington voters is vast...
Thanks for this.
When is Eyman going to put up a "have your cake and eat it too" initiative?
@3 I thought all of them were.
Also, if the initiative only gets 52 percent, and it requires a 2/3 majority, can we just tell them to stop whining and ignore it while they fully fund schools as the State Constitution requires.
The independents bit may be deceiving. A lot of conservative Republicans are calling themselves independents these days and have since around 2010. Republican identity nationwide took a nosedive so a good percentage of the independent loss for Inslee is likely seeing that.
Between 1240 and 1185, I have no idea what will be left at the end of the day for Washington State K-12 schools. I just don't get it.
Assuming normal distributions, which we should be, isn't a margin of error the range of 95% confidence (known as a confidence interval)? Now, there are all sorts of reasons not to read too much into a single poll, but a 3.1% lead with a 3.9% margin of error means that the 95% confidence interval ranges from -0.8% up to +7%. That's a pretty large uncertainty, but most results in that range indicate an Inslee victory.
I approve gay marijuana.
Just laughed at a WiS comment for the first time. I mean, not in a mean way.
I voted for Inslee for the same reason I imagine a lot of Republicans will vote for Romney: "he's not McKenna/Obama." I wonder how many other voters feel the same.

At least Washington state might have enough Democrats that it will be enough.
I feel the same about Inslee, @11. I wish wish wish Dow Constantine had run for Governor.

The Supreme Court will probably rule on the 2/3rds majority soon after the election. If they rule that its unconstitutional, Eyman's latest initiative will be toast.
Hold on a sec, pard.
"Another worrisome finding for Inslee: Independent voters are breaking for McKenna 53-33. "

Not so worrisome if you look at the composition of so-called "independent" voters post-2010, who are much more heavily conservative Republicans who left their party for a rightward lurch and declare themselves "independent." That just means that a bunch of extreme righties are willing to vote McKenna. Won't hurt Inslee's numbers with the rest of the sane, in other words.

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