In re "the slogans of the left", I think he's talking about evolution.

As for hard work, the hardest working people I know are among the least rewarded ... and always have been.
" in secret for a candidate you would not endorse in public, you will not be alone."

The fate of the republic is in your hands! Our freedoms are at stake! But you can go ahead and act like a sniveling little coward and pretend you voted for the other guy. Wolverines!
In reality, the difference in degree of state control over the economy, i.e., "socialism", Obama and Romney are about 1% apart at most. There are no non-socialist candidates, and haven't been since, I dunno, Charles Evans Hughes almost a hundred years ago. Every successful (by modern standards) economy in the history of the world has been socialist AND capitalist both. They're not mutually exclusive. If it wasn't for "state-run economies", Mamet, like everyone else, would be slopping the hogs at 4 AM and hauling buckets of water a quarter-mile from the creek every day. And dying at forty.
Is this some right-wing rag? Right-wing Jews have some nutty stuff out there. They represent a pretty small fraction of society, and even less of reality.
Wow, a direct appeal to the Bradley Effect.…

The response to each question here is perfect.…
Needs some fucking profanity.
Really, votes should just be for closers.
Did Mamet's courtship of his own insanity start with Pidgeon fucking?
So, if I'm understanding the basic thrust of Mamet's argument correctly, if Obama is re-elected, the result won't just be slightly higher taxes on the super-rich and slightly lower cuts to Social Security and Medicare, it will be a wholesale transformation of the country into Cuba del Norte. Whatever drugs he's doing, I want some. I, too, sometimes feel the need to escape reality, and the first installment of The Hobbit doesn't come out for more than a month...
Mamet is 100% correct. In a state run economy, there is no liberty, no work, no incentive, no individuality. Everything is decided for you by the Utopian Statist. Mamet is prophetic in what he says, and there are echoes of Mark Levin's "Ameritopia" in his comments.

There are too many freedom loving American patriots still living wishing to return to the America I fought for in Vietnam. Americans do not want socialism and fascism, homosexuality and abortion, pot smoking and Sharia Law. That is a simple fact.

That is why I believe the result of the election tomorrow will be akin to this:…

The Kenyan Marxist homosexual nightmare will end tomorrow, and freedom will return to America.
Anyone who can lump "socialism and fascism, homosexuality and abortion, pot smoking and Sharia Law" into the same category is gloriously wackadoodle. Ah, bless.
I agree with Lord Basil @11: Freedom in America means no pot smoking, no homosexuality, no abortion, and no religious rights for Muslims. When everyone is straight, sober, Christian and has sex only only when it is open to reproduction, then--and only then--will we all be free!
@6: Thank you for sharing that.

@11: Oh my God, look who floated up from Rapture to grace us with his wisdom! How go things in your Randian utopia, you crazy sea cucumber?
@11: Cool story bro.
@11 (Lord Basil): I know what you mean. I, too, want to return to the America you fought for in Vietnam -- the America that had just passed the Voting Rights Act, the Civil Rights Act, Medicare, and Medicaid; the America that still had effective labor unions and high-paying manufacturing jobs; the America whose minimum wage had a third more purchasing power than today's; the America where Glass-Steagall prevented American banks from crashing the economy; the America where community colleges were virtually free and state four-year colleges were actually affordable; the America whose health-care costs hadn't yet started skyrocketing to nearly double those of Canada... I would fight for that America, too (although I'm not entirely clear on how fighting in Vietnam advanced the cause).

Excellent deadpan parody, by the way, right down to the "Don't Tread On Me" avatar-photo-thingie!

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