Look at it this way: Romney now has more time to devote to hiding his income from the tax man and Ryan can go back to rubbing his nipples with copies of The Fountainhead.
Romney's refusing to concede. Asshat.
Donald Trump is tweeting for "revolution" over the election results.

Not kidding.
That socialist pizza party doesn't sound socialist enough. More sharing!
I want the Vote Love shirt!
As seen on Twitter:

"I can't believe my vote for Jill Stein didn't win this for Romney!"

The Stranger's refusal to cover alternative party campaigns in this election has been shameful.

Will you keep singing Obama's praises as our drones come home to roost and austerity measures are ramped up?

Will it still be all the Republicans fault?
Snoho county is in. Gay merridge passes!…
It seemed like a sincerely written concession speech by Romney, but he still sounded like a dick reading it.
I wish some pro 502 cops would arrest that people smoking pot at that party...

I don't know if I'm revisionist remembering, but I recall loving McCain's speech. I think he mentioned the civil rights struggle and the profound triumph of electing a black man to the highest office. I remember thinking it inspirational and being glad that he wasn't so eloquent through the course of his campaign. Mitt was gracious, but utterly forgettable. In my humblest humble, of course.
@10: I also remember McCain's 2008 concession speech as being very impressive.
I just wanted to bitch about the Stranger throwing a party that wasn't letting people in after polls closed! I showed up at the Showbox at 8:10, and they were just telling everyone that if you didn't have a stamp, they would never let you in, because people with stamps could get back in if they wanted.

Seems like a shitty way to throw a party, but I'm just bitter cause I was outside looking in.

*crossing fingers and toes for R74 to hold up*
Gay Dude for Romney: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Enjoy that empty fucking feeling in your gut, you shill. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

(sorry, been holding that one in for a while)
@10, @11 McCain, for all his faults, was a much classier candidate than Romney. He actually argued with birther whackos at his Town Hall meetings, while Romney just stood there letting them rant.
Overall, a pretty damned good election night.

Keeping my fingers crossed that R-74 numbers hold.

Laughing my ass off at Donald Trump and Karl Rove's respective meltdowns. Almost considered watching Faux News for a while, just to see them cry, but didn't want to harsh my buz.

Peace, and marriage for all.
@6 Yes, it will be. Paul Constant has written one of the least insightful political analyses I've ever seen. Over and over again for at least 4 years. Look forward to more.
You can always spot a liberal a mile away because they'll be carrying a Mac...

*Sigh*...the country I fought for in Vietnam is now gone. Producers and achievers are going to have to subsidize takers through redistribution.

This is Cloward-Piven in practice, as Glenn Beck warned. This once great nation will soon collapse under the weight of socialism, pot smoking, homosexuality, and Sharia Law. And anyone who raises their voice in opposition will be packed off to a concentration camp somewhere.

My guns are safe. Obama won't get mine, but I fear other patriots are despairing and will just willingly give them up when the ATF comes pounding on their doors.
@10, 11, 14 McCain did sound quite decent in 2008. Predictably yet surprisingly, the Rmoney-bot sounded EXACTLY the same as when delivering any other canned speech from his campaign. The advantage of not having A SINGLE FUCKING PRINCIPLED BONE IN YOUR BODY is not really caring if you lose. I was going to say that "you'd think he'd at least be disappointed that he won't be able to give himself a big tax cut," but then I remembered that he probably didn't really pay any taxes for most of the last couple of decades, so there's little to cut. "[Us] people" never will get to see those returns, now.

@13 Don't worry, he'll be back to annoying us as Seattlebleargh soon enough.

@17 Good riddance to your right-wing bigoted country. And all of us at the Liberal Gun Club Forum are happy enough (except for the next hysterical ammo shortage and bid-up of the price of AKs). Notice that the Democrats have never actually tried to take away your guns? Try reality, it's GREAAAAT!

Whew! I can mothball my paranoia about touch-screen voting machines for another four years.
I turned it to Fox News after MSNBC announced that Obama had been re-elected. Wanted to see the Righty sadness. Megyn Kelly and some dude were looking all serious and sad.

I regret that I didn't stay on Fox long enough to see Rove's meltdown, but there are video clips floating around that I'll savor later on.

Will the Repugs change? Try to reach out to minority voters? Try to tamp down their religious fanatics? We'll see.
What a triumphant return by Lord Basil. Some mischievous Slog contributor must have had just the right amount to drink last night. The Vietnam bit was just perfect.
@7 -- All the votes have NOT been counted. I was misled by the way they show "100% of vote" for each county.…
@17: Oh please, give us delicious. The sweet taste of your racist, tea baggy tears.

By the way, that "country" you were fighting for back then that you want back? The lower tax rates were about 5% to 10% higher then, and the higher tax brackets were taxed between 77% and 91%, as opposed to the current rate of 35%. Today's tax rates are "redistribution?" God you are stupid and ignorant. Taxes are currently the lowest that have ever been.

Also, racism and misogyny was written into the laws, and people were getting thrown in jail for decades for possession of marijuana. Peaceful protesters were shot down on the street and universities.

So you want the country to have much higher tax rates, medieval/draconian drug laws, more racism/sexism, and more violence on the streets?

I thank you for your service (if you are telling the truth, I would imagine you are not), but the country you were fighting for is this one. Right now. Times change.
I am the woman who baked, decorated, and brought in the cake.The man who apologized to me kept asking if it was paid for - he thought someone had ordered it and I was the delivery person. I finally told him that I am a supporter of John and had done it myself to help celebrate! I do thank you for your nice comments about it. Last night was great!
~Barbara Manley

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