The Washington Redskins are trying to move back into the District of Columbia from their muddy excuse for a field in Landover, MD. But before spending the countless millions on bringing the team back (and, I assume, building a new stadium), mayor Vincent Gray wants to hold a discussion on changing the name. I'm with mayor Gray on this one. Our nation's capital shouldn't host a football team whose mascot is a racist slur against a population we attempted to systematically exterminate.

Sure, there are other face-palmingly bad names in the NFL. The Cleveland Browns, for instance, is meant to refer to the Brown Bombers, itself a reference to African American boxer Joe Louis. The Oakland Raiders were originally called the Oakland SeÑors. The Packers, though not specifically racist, is derived from Curly Lambeau's kinda very awful company name—the "Indian Packing Company" which I can only imagine treated its employees with decency and respect.

But the Kansas City Chiefs* and the Redskins are the only teams remaining that so clearly flout their abhorrent misappropriation of Native American culture.

Disturbingly 79% of people in an online LA Times poll do not find the name "Redskins" offensive.

Am I going crazy? Tell me what you think of the team nickname/mascot debate in an official, legally binding, and statistically unskewed Slog poll.

*The Kansas City Chiefs name was selected to honor an old mayor, who founded the Native American inspired honor society called the Mic-O-Say Tribe, which I'm pretty sure is a mouthful of made up words.